KAEX secures support for US launch

KAEX has established itself as a best-selling nutritional supplement in Switzerland and Germany. The start-up is now planning its launch in the US. In August, KAEX was accepted into the exclusive club of MISTA, a San Francisco-based ecosystem for food-tech start-ups launched by Givaudan.

Initially developed for recovering after social drinking, KAEX is today also used after exercising for example by players of FC Basel and several Bundesliga clubs. The US launch is on the horizon and will be supported by MISTA. More encompassing than an incubator or accelerator, MISTA is described as an optimiser, enabling start-ups and established corporations to optimise ideas, products, people and investments. The innovation platform was initiated by Givaudan. Danone, Mars Inc. and Ingredion Inc. joined as founding members. The platform has led to the creation of several "unicorns" in the past.

KAEX will hit the U.S. market in September 2022. The start-up will enter the market in a "soft launch", primarily focusing on amazon and a few selected retail partners to whom it will sell directly. The primary focus for the soft launch is to get initial experience before entering an agreement with a distributor. “An important goal of the MISTA membership is to get support in entering business with the right distribution partner who can quickly scale KA-EX across the US”, explains Pedro Schmidt, founder, and CEO of KAEX.

KAEX already had shown that it is able to convice US companies. For instance, its nutritional supplement was the first product to be launched simultaneously at all goPuff locations across Europe (June 2022). GoPuff is a US quick-commerce player.

Launched 2017 in Switzerland, KA-EX became the best-selling dietary supplement in Switzerland, listed in all pharmacies, supermarket chains (coop, Migros, etc.), and convenience stores (coop pronto, SPAR express, etc.). In January 2021, with a million-dollar investment from media company "ProSieben" in the bag, the Zurich-based startup launched its product in Germany. Although the media campaign has been ceased half a year ago, KAEX expects to double annual sales in 2022.

KA-EX is a patented nutritional supplement with 25 ingredients. The powder-based drink is mixed with 300ml – 500ml of water and used after intensive sports or alcohol consumption. The scientifically tested substances shield the body from toxic damages, thereby preventing micro-inflammations. Further, the ingredients reduce hyper-acidity, normalize the stress hormone level, and improve sleep quality. The optimized recovery overnight mitigates mental and physical fatigue and maintains a normal level of well-being the next day.