Joint efforts in accelerating digital transformation

The newly formed partnerships show how start-ups improve their products and expand their networks. Partners include start-ups from different coutries as well as established companies. A partnership with ÖKK for example enables grape to offer digital employee insurances.

Thanks to a new partnership with ÖKK, the Swiss start-up grape offers all employee insurances (KTG /UVG(Z) and BVG) and makes the digital insurance experience a reality for companies in Switzerland. Grape brings the innovative platform - ÖKK the customised insurance solutions. Thanks to the simple user interface and automated application process, companies can take out insurance policies for their employees simply and easily. Policies can be viewed and absences managed with just a few clicks. Thanks to the integration of more than 20 software tools from the human resources sector, claims notifications are automated. Alongside digitalisation, employee health promotion is a second pillar of grape. Insured employees automatically benefit from various discounts on health-promoting products and services, as well as programmes that promote mental health.

Tresio enhances its tool with real-time banking data
Tresio is a fast-growing fintech startup based in Zurich, Switzerland, offering services to clients across the DACH region (Germany, Austria and Switzerland). The Swiss start-up uses and analyses corporate data to provide users in multiple European markets with detailed insight, financial analysis, liquidity forecasting and future planning. This information is constantly updated through Tresio's state-of-the-art automation technology, so clients are always informed about the latest developments. Tresio integrates seamlessly with accounting, billing and banking systems to give entrepreneurs and financial managers a holistic 360-degree view of all their finances in one place so they can make faster and better business decisions.

Tresio's partnership with Nordigen, the only freemium open banking provider, enables the company to retrieve its customers' financial data directly from their bank accounts within seconds via secure Open Banking APIs. 

Chain4Travel attracts Travel Ledger to its Camino network
Zug-based Traveltech start-up Chain4Travel is building the Camino Consortium blockchain, a disruptive new approach to tourism commerce while london-based Travel Ledger is an electronic billing and remittance platform that enables easy and secure payments between travel suppliers and distribution partners. As part of their partnership, Travel Ledger will offer some of its services on the Camino blockchain, be one of the first validators to operate a hub and validate transactions on the platform. The combination of the technologies enables easy and secure settlement to speed up processes and transactions for all partners buying and selling services and products on the Camino blockchain.

Vestr joins forces with New York-based company
Zug-based startup vestr, provides a cloud-based solution to some of the world’s largest structured products issuing houses. Via vestr’s market-leading platform, thousands of asset managers and hundreds of thousands of individual investors will be able to integrate ESG rating capabilities into their client reports. The startup has joined forces with New York-based company Clarity AI, which provides ESG and sustainability capabilities. The latter uses advanced technology to gather, assess, organize, clean and quality-check raw data, which is then used to align to industry consensus ESG risk analysis. They cover more than 50’000 public companies, 280’000+ funds from 198 countries and 188 governments.

The partnership allows Clarity AI to integrate its data on vestr’s DELTA platform and provide it to all vestr clients and their users for comprehensive product reporting, including individual and joint ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) impact ratings. The additional reporting feature allows asset managers to disclose their customised investment activities transparently and in a detailed manner.

Cysec and Avassa to bring automated, scalable, and secure edge computing environments
Ecublens (VD)-based startup Cysec is a software provider for confidential computing. Together with Avassa, an edge-application orchestration platform provider, they partnered to offer automated, scalable, and secure solutions for edge computing environments. The startup offers a leading secure operative system solution that can run in both central clouds, on bare metal, and on edge-native infrastructure. Combining Cysec with Avassa’s edge applications orchestration platform, users can now manage their edge applications running on Cysec’s Arca trusted OS with the same flexibility, speed, and observability capabilities as they do in public cloud environments. Industries such as manufacturing, automotive, hospitality, and retail will benefit from the proposed new solution.