Japanese company acquires ETH Zurich Spinoff


In 2014, ChomaCon was founded as a spin-off from ETH Zurich to provide the best-in-class chromatographic process solutions for the pharma industry. On April 1st, 2019 the startup transferred 100% of its shares to the Japanese YMC Co., Ltd., a leading supplier of separation resins, services and systems for the pharmaceutical market.


ChromaCon AG is a life science tool company specializing in continuous chromatography technologies. ChromaCon markets laboratory-scale purification systems employing its process technologies, process simulation, and operating software. ChromaCon has pioneered twin-column purification, significantly increasing productivity in large (biopharmaceutical) and small (pharmaceutical) molecule manufacturing, thereby reducing operational cost. Since 2015, the YMC Group and ChromaCon had been cooperating in Japan and India for the marketing and sale of ChromaCon’s lab-scale systems. In addition, ChromaCon has licensed proprietary technologies to YMC Process Technologies (“YPT”) for manufacturing and marketing the GMP skids. YMC completed its acquisition of YPT from LEWA-Nikkiso America in December 2018. To-date, YPT develops and manufactures pilot- and production-scale separation systems for the (bio-) pharmaceutical manufacturing industry. Michael Bavand, CEO of ChromaCon, commented: “We have been working productively with YPT in development, launch and co-marketing of continuous chromatography pilot/production systems during the past three years achieving a market pole position in industrial implementation of our technology with key customers. We are looking forward to intensifying our interactions being part of the YMC Group of Companies. The acquisition of ChromaCon will benefit our customers ensuring a seamless transfer of our business relationship, technologies and products to YMC.” On April 1st, 2019 YMC acquired ChromaCon and executed the transfer of 100% shares in the Company. ChromaCon will continue to operate as part of the YMC Group, benefiting from the extended global reach, to provide its customers and partners with a more attractive and integrated product range.(Press release)