iRewind supplies the New York City Marathon with 33,000 finisher videos

The 50th New York City Marathon took place on November 7, 2021, with 33’000 finishes. As the event’s partner, the Swiss video tech company iRewind collaborated with MarathonFoto, the world’s leading race event photography provider, to supply each finisher with a personal finisher video.

iRewind’s “Instant Personalised Videos” (InPeV©) SaaS platform allows users to capture, personalise, produce and distribute videos to target audiences in real-time, regardless of the audience size. In Europe, their customer base already includes brands such as ASICS, UBS and Vodafone. iRewind’s technology is used at running and sports events such as the Paris Marathon, the Stockholm Marathon and Weltklasse Zürich, among others.

Winning the TCS New York City Marathon, the world’s largest marathon, as a partner marked another major milestone for the Swiss startup. Using the InPeV platform, renowned race event photography company, MarathonFoto, will deliver personalised finisher videos for each of the 33,000 participants in the recent global race held on November 7. One of the finisher videos was made for Albert Korir, the 2021 winner.

The video consists of a generic 3D rendering of the marathon course, personal metadata, and the respective run sequences, as Salvador Garcia Zaldegui, Co-founder of iRewind explains in the video. To produce the videos, iRewind will use the self-service solution that it developed in-house and that can be easily activated on-site via the iRewind app. This will make it possible to offer every sponsor, event organiser, photo company or timing company worldwide the opportunity to produce personal finisher videos in an uncomplicated, fast, high-quality manner and a CO2-friendly way in the future.

(Press release/RAN)