IPO Day: Deep-tech companies on stage


The next IPO day will take place on 12 November at Westhive in Zurich. Twelve IT, biotech medtech and cleantech companies have been selected to pitch on stage to present their innovations to the investment bankers, investors and supporters in the audience.  


The 4th IPO DAY will bring together a congregation of innovative Deep Tech Companies, Investment Bankers and Advisors; Investors and Corporates and Support Organisations, Coaches and IPO Experts. The event offers participants a platform to learn about IPO (Initial Public Offering) through workshops and keynote speeches. Before the growth companies the investment bankers and advisor will pitch – 16 companies in total. (Full list on the IPO Day website). 12 deeptech growth companies will present themselves on stage afterwards: Insphero - is a pioneer of industrial-grade, 3D-cell-based assay solutions and scaffold-free 3D organ-on-a-chip technology. Through partnerships, the startup supports pharmaceutical and biotechnology researchers in successful decision-making by accurately rebuilding the human physiology in vitro. Its suite of 3D human tissue platforms are used by major pharmaceutical companies worldwide to increase efficiency in drug discovery and safety testing. Cutiss – the ETH spinoff is pioneering the development of a personalized skin tissue therapy for patients that suffer from large and deep skin defects. Its flagship product «denovoSkin» is a bio-engineered, personalized and permanent skin graft for treating skin defects including burns. The novelty of the solution has won Cutiss several awards and investment of 7.2 million in series A round. Deon Digital –The startup leverages the power of distributed ledger technology to turn paper contracts into automatically managed digital contracts to help companies to save time and costs. In addition to more than 10 years of academic research the company has a skilled team. CreditGate24 - is a peer-peer-lending platform for the financing of private and business loans in an easy, timesaving, convenient, and secure manner. In 2018 alone, the company had already funded loans of CHF 150 million in Switzerland. Farmy.ch – is a marketplace that connects regional producers and consumers and thanks to its logistics, the company delivers orders directly to the customer’s home. Farmy is among the best-known Swiss start-ups. In 2018 the revenue grew by 40% to CHF7,6 million. NetGuardians – developed a unique approach to fraud and risk assurance solutions. Its software leverages Big Data to correlate and analyze behaviors across the entire bank system – not just at the transaction level. This allows banks to carb fraud before it even occurs. The solution is currently being used in over 50 leading banks worldwide. Pexapark – the company’s revenue management solution for renewables provides investors and renewable-energy-asset owners a single place to price energy sales, close transactions and monitor their energy risks. After a financing round last year, the company expanded to the UK and grew the energy advisory team. QGel - designs industry-grade synthetic extracellular matrices that better approximate the human situation, providing an ex vivo environment to grow patient cells in a biologically accurate way. Backed by evidence-based science, QGel’s technology empowers biotech, pharmaceutical companies and health care centers with biologically accurate disease models for applications in drug discovery and patient diagnostics. SecureCell – the biotech startup developed a software solution, based on 25 years of research, to enable process analytics, data processing and automation in bioprocess engineering. Its product line includes the Lucullus Process Information Management System (PIMS) that allows for comprehensive monitoring and control, from the initial raw material to the final product. PEP - allows for straightforward and hassle-free encryption of your written digital communication (e.g., email) by default. p≡p is a cyber security solution which protects the confidentiality and reliability of communications for citizens, for public offices and for enterprises. It provides end-to-end cryptography through software that you install on your desktop, your tablet or your phone. Genomebiologics – through its patented Artificial Intelligence (AI) driven preclinical multi-modality drug testing technology, the startup leverages the power of AI-based machine learning with transformative single cell in vitro and in vivo transgenesis to dramatically reduce the cost, time, and ethical burden of preclinical research in the pharmaceutical industry. 1plusX – is a Data management and predictive marketing platform capable of classifying first-time website visitors into an accurate target group. This allows companies to effectively manage their customer and user data for online marketing success. The company with an experienced team achieved several important milestones this year for example a partnership with  Ad Alliance, Germany's largest cross media sales house. Faction Skis - the freeride, freestyle and all-mountain ski manufacturer, based in Verbier and founded in 2006, grew steadily over the years. According to press reports the brand is now hitting about $10 million in annual revenue and planning to grow further in particular in North America. (SK / RAN)