Interview marathon on CNNMoney Switzerland with Swiss Female founders kicks off


CNNMoney Switzerland has launched a series of interviews with female founders selected from Startupticker’s female founder’s map. The first interview was aired yesterday featuring Aike Festini, the CEO and co-founder of Luckabox, who sheds light on the nature of VC investments.


Every weekday from July 15 to August 16, 2019, at 7 PM, CNNMoney Switzerland will feature a female founder on its channel. The program aims to open dialogue on diverse topics on entrepreneurship, investment, and prosperity among female founders as well as to obtain inspiration and advice for aspiring founders. The newly launched program features 24 female entrepreneurs selected from the Swiss female founder map published by Startupticker. Ilona Braverman, senior producer at CNNMoney Switzerland said that the start-ups have been carefully selected with the aim to provide equal opportunities to start-ups across different regions in Switzerland and from different industries. Moreover, as part of the criteria, the start-ups were required to have reached a certain level of development, raised capital in the previous years, and have spurred investors’ interest. The final 24 start-ups met the criteria. During each session, CNNMoney Switzerland will host a different start-up on the program to address a given topic, based on the achievements of the start-up in the spotlight. The first interview was held with Aike Festini, CEO and Co-founder of LuckaBox, who sheds light on the logistics industry and the nature of VC investment as well as the significance of the quality of investors for a start-up. Today, Nathalie Manac'h, CEO and founder of Nat Coffee, will be guest on the show. Startupticker spoke to Braverman about her impressions regarding the female founders. She acknowledges that, while many start-ups are in their very early stages, many of them are advanced with products and services thriving in the market. Furthermore, she has observed that the founders are extremely eager to share their experiences and ambitions and they are highly enthusiastic for what they are doing. Accordingly, Switzerland offers female founders a platform to gain status and become successful. Photo: Aike Festini (LuckaBox) & Hannah Wise (CNNMoney).