Internationalisation opportunities in Southeast Asia


ETH Zurich and ZHAW School of Management and Law have launched the Asia Entrepreneurship Training Programme (AETP). The cost-free accelerator aims to provide Swiss entrepreneurs access to the startup ecosystem in Indonesia or any of the 10 ASEAN member states - and vice-versa. Registration call-one closes on 15th December.


The Indonesian economy ranks 8th in the World GDP Ranking 2018. Indonesia is the third largest country in Asia and has a vibrant culture with an enormous appetite for digital technologies. Under the mandate of the Swiss Secretariat of Education Research and Innovation (SERI), ETH Zurich, the Leading House for the Swiss bilateral research programme for Asia for the period 2017 - 2020, and ZHAW School of management have launched Asia Entrepreneurship Training Programme (AETP) to enable start-ups to explore the potential of their venture in the South-East Asian market. The programme extends to the 10 ASEAN member states with a major focus on Indonesia as a strategic hub for startups to grow their business in the region.

The six-month programme kicks off in 2019 and includes assistance with partner search, simulation-based training, individual team coaching and access to matching investors and incubators in Indonesia and the other ASEAN member states. Finalist teams will complete their business documents during the program and hone their presentation skills for the investor roadshow abroad. During the roadshow, the teams will pitch their business venture or social project to investors in Jakarta or Singapore.

Eligible to participate are Swiss entrepreneurs and incorporated start-ups who have either a for-profit or social entrepreneurship venture in the field of science and technology – or a social project. The venture may focus on any market (b2b, b2c, p2p). Applicants must also have an interna­tionalisation mindset. To qualify, each team must have a workable prototype (proof-of-concept), some prior market exposure (for instance test customer) and a rough business plan.

The AETP is free for all candidates. Aspirants may apply from Switzerland or any of the 10 ASEAN member states. Founding teams of three may apply with a single application. The first round of applications expires on 15 December 2018.