International recognition for Swiss startups


In the recent award editions, startups from Switzerland have enjoyed being in the international spotlight. While some of the startups have won awards others have received recognition as finalists.



Enerdrape, Climate Launchpad global finalsMore than 2,600 applications entered the Climate Launchpad and 130 companies made it to the Global finale in Amsterdam. Switzerland won the 3rd place thanks to the innovative solution by Enerdrape. The cleantech startup is developing modular geothermal panels that allow for turning underground environments into a renewable source of energy for the heating and cooling of buildings. The startup has filed for a patent and plans to launch the first pilot in 2020. Loriot, EIT Digital Challenge 2019The deep tech companies and winners of the EIT Digital Challenge 2019 are startups envisioned to have high growth potential. The Zurich based Loriot become the second in the category Digital Cities. Secure and scalable long-range infrastructure provider for IoT. The company’s unique positioning in the Long Range (LoRA) ecosystem as both software provider and network operator, enables it to provide one of the most powerful, complete and secure solutions in the market as well as tailor-made end-to-end solutions for IoT applications. MeduSoil and Largo Films, SlushThe two Swiss companies have made it to the top 15 start-ups of the SLUSH 100 pitching competition. MeduSoil is developing a ground bio-stabilization technology to mineralize carbonate binder while Largo Films, developed LargoAI, a powerful data-driven artificial intelligence program that can actually understand the ingredients of a film and predict the audience reaction to each part. It can be introduced very early in the life of a film and can continue to help improve the movie at every stage of development.  Nanoglue, Y-Science Life Science PitchesEight companies including Nanoglue from Switzerland are competing for a cash prize of €30’000 from the Y-Science Life Science Pitch pitching competition for early-stage science-based startups. NanoGlue harnesses cutting-edge nanotechnology to boost the body's own ability to heal and keeps bacterial infections in check. The company’s nanoparticle paste helps surgeons who want to ensure patient safety and survival by reducing skin transplantation complications and providing swift healing. GotCourts, SportsTech AwardsThe European Super Angels Club (ESAC) is setting up what football achieved in the 1950s: A “super league”, in which national champions from Europe compete against each other. In figures, this means ESAC evaluated 1.000 startups for the first SportsTech Awards, out of which 63 were analysed in depth, 21 startups were invited to pitch live, and six finalists have been selected out ouf those 21. GotCourts, the for racket sports made it to the finals. (RAN)