Insurtech companies join forces to form DGTAL

Swiss/Danish high-tech company Deon Digital and liability management company Gossmann & Cie. have formed a joint venture D|G|TAL (DGTAL) to build a digital factory for the insurance industry. The platform will allow insurers to combine their applications to fast-track and optimise core processes such as claims audit and management.

DGTAL is a Swiss-based software and data analytics company that combines longstanding insurance expertise with top talent in software development and data analytics technology to develop proprietary solutions that increase insights from insurance data. The digital factory, established as a Software-as-a-Service platform, allows insurers to take immediate advantage of digital instruments without modernising their complete IT landscape. They will obtain instant and meaningful performance boosts in their back-office operations without investing time and resources.

The new startup uses its in-house programming standard, developed to support typical processes in the financial industry. The supporting technology of the digital factory relies on proprietary technology, artificial intelligence, machine learning, blockchain and the latest computing and storage facilities.

Digital factory to launch Claims Audit Engine
The Claims Audit Engine translates scanned documents into machine-readable text that transforms all information into smart data that can be used as easily as a Google search. In particular, combining organised claims data available as digitised content of claims files (including unstructured data such as photos, emails, medical records etc.) offers an entirely new approach to managing claims and portfolios. The Claims Audit Engine can decode 90 per cent of the content of the scanned documents, recognise the type of document, and even understand its tonality.

Founding partners
Behind DGTAL are two companies: Deon Digital and Gossmann & Cie. Based in Zurich and Copenhagen, Deon Digital is a high-tech software company that invented the Contract Specification Language (CSL). The language enables clients to build platforms to issue full-cycle digital contracts for end-to-end automated business processes between companies. Gossmann & Cie. is a liability management company founded in 2018 by Arndt Gossmann, a renowned expert for restructuring legacy businesses in Europe. The company provides the insurance and fintech sector with holistic and intuitive data-driven solutions managing insurance risk-related liabilities.

With its extensive expertise in evaluating legacy portfolios and claims handling, Gossmann & Cie. has worked with Deon Digital to develop solutions provided at DGTAL. The two firms set the goal to cooperate in 2019 and have since served their ambition to boost accuracy in evaluating portfolios, enable automation, and improve performance in claims management.

In the recent past, software development and testing led to nearly double the number of high-tech jobs at Deon Digital Denmark A/S in Copenhagen. The project has been supported by the Innobooster Program of the Innovation Fund Denmark. “DGTAL will operate throughout Europe and is aiming to further increase job creation for expert software development and data analytics as future modules and capabilities of the new tool are being developed,” says Dirk Sebald, CEO and Co-Founder of Deon Digital.

(Press release)