Insightness finalises seed round

Insightness is a Zurich based ICT startup specialising in Visual Positioning Systems that compute the position and orientation of devices. The startup announced the completion of the seed round and the introduction of new members in their board of directors.

During the summer period Insightness closed the seed round and received a capital increase which finalised the round in September. Involved in the round were a group of business angels, including Dave Brown, the SECA Business Angel of the Year 2016, Swisscom and Quan Tech fund.

With the capital increase, the Insightness team also changed the composition of their board which now consists of Christian Brändli, the CEO of Insightness as the president of the Board of Directors, James Gerard Lewis, owner of Black Bird Projects GmbH and Edward Jay Schneider, managing director at Quan Fund.

Insightness is an ICT start-up specialising visual positioning systems (VPS) that compute the position and orientation of a device as well as a 3D map of its environment using “the Silicon Eye”, a custom vision sensor design with smart pixels. This technology is also known as dynamic vision sensor (DVS or DAVIS). A VPS consists of one or multiple of “Silicon Eye” vision sensors and a processor to run the Insightness algorithms, which perform simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM). The solution offers superior performance at low power consumption, a fast reaction time and a high dynamic range. It reduces the amount of data that has to be processed and the high temporal resolution simplifies the necessary computation.

This solution is applicable for smart drones and robots requiring fast and precise position information as well as 3D maps of their environment. Insightness’ VPS deliver this information and thereby enable new applications in the field of automated agriculture, mining, inspection or logistics.

Pic: Insightness LinkedIn