Innobooster fuels artificial intelligence solutions

Three teams leveraging artificial intelligence to develop solutions for the medical, legal and robotics fields have embarked on a 1.5-year course as part of the Innobooster program. Each team will receive CHF 150’000 to expedite the development of their solutions.

Organised by the Gebert Rüf Foundation, the Innobooster program supports university-based, high-potential businesses from the Venture Kick programme to substantially accelerate their market entry. The selection committee nominates up to five projects for each round to benefit from the program and offers financial aid to fuel the selected companies on their 1.5-year journey.

The latest cohort includes three new projects.

b-rayz, digital health | Cristina Rossi
An early diagnosis of breast cancer using mammography can save thousands of women every year. However, identifying this malady earlier in patients with dense breast tissue is difficult and requires a profound understanding of the diagnostic procedures and the pathological features. The b-rayz team has developed the b-box, a ground-breaking platform based on cutting-edge artificial intelligence (AI) technology for flawless and sustainable breast cancer diagnostics. The device supports technicians in their daily work by assessing breast density and mammographic image quality. The AI algorithms allow for mimicking doctor’s decision, provide real-time feedback with high clinical accuracy. Already CE certified, the solution is already in clinical use in Switzerland and Norway. “With the InnoBooster grant, we want to simplify the interaction between the medical professional and the platform for a more transparent decision-making process. This is a game-changer in breast cancer diagnostics”, says Cristina Rossi, CEO of b-rayz.

DeepJudge, legaltech | Paulina Grnarova
Legal teams are more overloaded than ever; suffering from slow processes and inefficiencies, they spend a vast amount of time working on repetitive tasks. Founded by four ETH Machine Learning PhDs, with over 20 years of combined experience with Deep Learning and Natural Language Processing at scale, DeepJudge sets a new bar in legal document understanding. The team is developing a context-aware document processing AI that gives a real competitive advantage. During the InnoBooster program, the team will extend its AI to include multiple languages as the team prepares for its international expansion.

Aicatech AI, robotics | Baptiste Busch
Based in Lausanne, AICA is a robot programming startup aiming to solve the industry’s challenges while manipulating robots. The lack of standard procedures and the high costs involved force companies in outsourcing part of their production lines, resulting in the loss of transparency/control and potentially product quality. By combining AI with an intuitive interface, AICA provides modular software with a simple plug & play interface to simplify robot programming.  Employees, even without prior robotics skills, can now manipulate the robots on-site. AICA's advanced algorithms also enable robots to adapt, interact and collaborate autonomously.  companies to relocate their production in-house, increasing productivity and control.

“Our vision is to become the standard of robot programming so that anyone can easily manipulate robots. Innobooster allows us to follow our goal as we continue to expand on the European market and improve the software,” comments Busch.

Photo: Aicatech