Industry experts launched digital marketplace for air, ocean and road transport

CargoNow, a Zurich based startup, is offering a B2B marketplace for freight forwarding. The platform allows for faster processing of fright inquiries for air, ocean and road transport. More than 100 inquiries have been submitted on the platform.

Flexible offers play a significant role in placing shipping orders, as globalisation and digitization continue to catalyse the demand for a flexible and faster freight forwarding process. However, there are barely any solutions which exploit the benefits digitalisation has brought. Even in a country like Switzerland, which generates more than CHF 200 billion export revenue annually, the digital freight forwarding market has been untouched.

In the effort to meet the increasing demand for a flexible and faster freight forwarding process, cargonow was established. cargonow is a B2B online platform which allows shipping companies to find suitable freight forwarders for air, road or ocean transport – in less than a day. Upon submission of an inquiry, forwarders receive an email requesting them to quote within 24 hours. Thanks to the transparency of the platform, shippers can view of all quotes and the different cost-performance ratios, hence allowing them to select their optimum freight forwarder faster. Currently, more than 100 inquiries have been made and10 freight forwarders are registered on the platform.

“The competition decided to go about the logistics procedure and provide digital freight forwarding solutions. We position ourselves as a marketplace and offer a transparency and simplification in pricing,” says Emrah Cömert, Founder and CEO of nargonow.

Experienced founders
The two founders Emrah Cömert and Said Osman both have broad experience in the logistics industry. While Emrah Cömert has more than 10 years of experience in freight forwarding field, as operational leader and sales executive, Said Osman is an expert in supply chain management with strong import & export skills.

Since the establishment of cargonow in 2016, the two founders have continued to capitalise digital opportunities to bring a faster solution for transforming the logistics industry. However the industry is slow in changing from conventional to digital.

"We are motivated to change the mindset of the old-fashioned transportation and logistics industry as the high speed of the global development requires this. The necessary switch from conventional way of business to digital started in most industries so the logistics does also need it with top priority", says Emrah.

The founders are now on the course of taking cargonow to the next level and are now seeking funding to realise their goals.

Pic: Michael Gaida/Pixabay