IMD startup competition introduces a 3rd cohort


Six startups have joined the IMD Startup Competition 2018/19 Special Edition. They will work with the Executive MBA participants in November and later travel to Silicon Valley in February.


Typically, the search for candidates for the IMD Startup Competition starts in October, however, with the growth of the IMD EMBA class, the organising committee has decided to add a 3rd cohort to offer more support to Swiss startups. The committee has chosen six new startups to benefit from the program.     

“We are thankful to these six entrepreneurs for accepting to work with us.  I have long wanted IMD to be able to support more Swiss startups, and with the addition of a third cohort to the Executive MBA we are able to collaborate with 6 more promising ventures”, said Jim Pulcrano, IMD Affiliate Professor.

The new winners include;

 ARCATrust, Yacine Felk – A cyber-security company aiming at providing a secure environment for multi-applications execution in the form of a physically enterprise-grade server appliance, one of its main use case being Blockchain applications requiring a secure wallet system for crypto-assets management.

Aeler Technologies, Naik Londono - creates the 21st-century intermodal container; lighter, stronger and embedded with state-of-the-art electronics and sensors. This reduces operating costs, increase security & safety, reduce fuel consumption & related emissions, and enable IoT traceability and visibility services at the level of the container.

IDUN Technologies, Séverine Chardonnens – is a biosensor company, developing and producing soft and dry conductive electrodes for bio-potential monitoring (ECG, EEG, EMG), with a patented surface structure these electrodes provide high quality signals with skin-friendly materials without electrolyte gel.

Sensoryx, Rolf Adelsberger – develops the first mobile motion-capture glove for AR and VR. With multiple sensors per hand and integrated tracking, the system enables users to interact intuitively with virtual content anywhere and anytime.

Touchless Automation, Maurizio Migliore – the startup invented a tool able to manipulate components (any material) without touching them. This tool solves a wide range of contact-induced issues such as contamination, scratching or adhesion.

Veezoo, Marcos Monteiro –Veezoo's Enterprise Artificial Intelligence semantically understands structured data and gets you the answer you need in seconds, just like in a conversation. Our mission is to democratize data-driven decisions - doing for corporates what Google did for the internet, organising the information and making it accessible and useful.

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