IDUN Technologies launches first product Dryode


Two years after its foundation, the medtech startup Idun Technologies has launched its first product, the Dryode on the market. Dryode is a soft and flexible dry electrode that allows for high precision biopotential monitoring.


Current disposable wet electrodes for biopotential monitoring can cause skin irritations and dry out over time. This limits usability as well as long-term monitoring applications. Additionally, disposable wet electrodes are prone to motion artefacts and are not water-resistant.   The ETH spin-off, Idun Technologies develops and manufactures accurate and comfortable sensors for wearable devices. Its first product Dryode is a soft and flexible dry electrode which allows for high precision biopotential monitoring (ECG, EMG, EEG) with unobtrusive user experience. The Dryode Kit addresses researchers, developers and makers with its reusable high-end electrodes. Following several years of research and development, Dryode is now available in the market through OpenBCI, Inc., an open-source platform for neuroscience. The Dryode kit is compatible with the OpenBCI Ganglion and Cyton. OpenBCI allows anyone interested in biosensing, brain-computer interfacing and neurofeedback to purchase high-quality equipment at affordable prices. “We are very excited to work with Idun Technologies in offering affordable biosensing equipment to our community,” says Conor Russomanno, CEO and founder of OpenBCI.(Press release)