IDUN Technologies joins Microsoft for Startups

The ETH spin-off, IDUN Technologies, develops sensors to monitor human emotions from headphones. The company has joined the Microsoft for Startup program, winning itself a strong partner to strengthen its go-to-market and joint-selling opportunities.

IDUN Technologies' vision is to build the "Internet of Humans", a world where devices react to the emotional needs of a user, creating “empathic technology”. Its patented flagship product, the DRYODE Guardian, is a sensor which will be placed in headphones (such as Apple AirPods Pro) to monitor human emotions from brain waves. The company recently expanded its team with expertise in signal processing and machine learning to classify human emotions from brain waves recorded from the ear canal.

By joining the Microsoft for Startups program, IDUN Technologies won a strong partner to enable the company to advance its competencies in AI technology, Machine Learning and Cloud Computing. This will be particularly essential for DRYODE Guardian with which the company aims to build the Internet of Humans – an evolution of the IoT network which understands how humans feel. 

The applications of DRYODE Guardian are endless for instance, it can be used as a smart playlist which reacts to the brain state, mindfulness and meditation. The solution is tailored to one’s personal needs. That is one of the reasons IDUN requires a strong partner as acknowledged by Bachmann. Microsoft will potentially allow the startup to roll out this feature to its customers as additional health features for their services. 

The company also aims to build up traction and experience in enterprise sales for productivity and health applications. “Being part of the program is extremely important for us going into our next fundraising as well as starting our customer acquisition for DRYODE Guardian. The program also opens doors for us to join the Microsoft Partner Network and this will allow us to strengthen our go-to-market and joint-selling opportunities,” said Simon Bachmann CEO of IDUN Technologies

Meanwhile, the IDUN team is raising the next financing round. The company is looking for deeptech investors willing to change the way people interact with their digital surroundings and to build the Internet of Humans together with IDUN Technologies. 

Photo L-R: Séverine Chardonnens, 
Co-Founder & CCO & Simon Bachmann, CEO & Co-founder.