Hitachi Power Solutions relies on Cassantec


Hitachi Power Solutions launches "Prognostic Solution" to improve the prognostic accuracy of predictive diagnostics by utilizing the advanced prognostic algorithms of Cassantec. The solution can determine when a malfunction will occur with at a higher accuracy than ever before,


Hitachi Power Solutions, a wholly owned subsidiary of Hitachi, Ltd., announced that it launches "Prognostic Version" to help equipment operators optimize the Remaining Useful Life of their assets. The predictive diagnostic and prognostic solution helps improve production efficiency, stable operation of machinery, maintenance and asset management. The new product will be launched both in Japan and worldwide on December 1st, 2017.

Cassantec is a software company with its main office in Switzerland. It has developed prognostic algorithms in-house using Artificial Intelligence and expert knowledge on equipment behavior. By utilizing this advanced technology, Hitachi Power Solutions improves its prognostic accuracy compared to conventional systems, specifically through calculating the explicit future time window until malfunction.

Cassantec's prognostic solution has started to spread worldwide in order to increase customers' equipment utilization and to decrease customers' maintenance costs, while avoiding failure. The bases of these benefits are condition-based forecasts of the equipment condition. Consequently, there is a growing need for such Remaining Useful Life prognoses for individual components and entire facilities.

Since June 2013, Hitachi Power Solutions has built its experience and know-how on various industrial facilities and on data mining technologies in the IT industry. It has developed the practical application that supports the prevention of unexpected or unplanned outages of critical assets by predicting malfunctions. As a next step, "Edge Version" was implemented since October 2016. It enables Hitachi Power Solutions to perform predictive diagnostics on edge computing systems. Also, a simplified predictive diagnostics solution was launched to be deployed at the gateway on-site. Finally, "malfunction forecasts" and "Prognostics" were added since April 2017. Hence, Hitachi Power Solutions has continuously improved its predictive diagnostics solutions to help increase asset utilization and production efficiency by decreasing maintenance cost through better timing of maintenance and through avoiding major malfunction events that result in equipment damage and extended periods of outage.

Now Hitachi Power Solutions launches "Prognostic Version" by utilizing Cassantec's algorithms. On the basis of stochastic algorithms and machine leaning concepts that analyze collected historical sensor data the Remaining Useful Life of equipment is prognosticated. In addition to failure forecasts on the bases of conventional polynomial approximation, we can now determine when a malfunction will occur with at a higher accuracy than ever before, thereby helping to further increase the utilization of customers' assets and to further decrease their maintenance and management cost.