Hello Tomorrow bestows the «Data & Artificial Intelligence» prize on Insightness


The 2019 Hello Tomorrow global challenge has ended. Insightness, a Zurich based startup specializing in computer vision systems to enable devices to detect and evade obstacles using “the Silicon Eye”, received a prize as one of the 12 winners.


Organized by Hello Tomorrow and supported by partners from top universities, research labs, accelerators and incubators around the globe, Hello Tomorrow Global Challenge is a startup competition for early-stage science and deeptech entrepreneurs. This year, the organizing committee of the Hello Tomorrow Global Challenge received 4,500 applications from 119 countries. According to Hello Tomorrow, the increasing number of entries demonstrates the persistent development of new technologies and that deeptech innovation is happening across all borders to address today’s societal changes. While all submitted solutions have potential, the jury has identified twelve most outstanding companies from nine countries; USA, Spain, Nigeria, Denmark, Germany, Canada, Taiwan Sweden and Switzerland. Each of the 12 winners received a prize from the participating award partner. The Swiss Startup Insightness received the «Data & Artificial Intelligence» Prize from Hello Tomorrow. Insightness developed visual positioning systems (VPS) for drones, robots and other applications that use AR and AI to enable them to detect and evade moving and static obstacles. VPS computes the position and orientation of a device or a 3D map of its environment using “the Silicon Eye”, a custom vision sensor design with smart pixels that are powered by the dynamic vision sensor (DVS or DAVIS) technology. A VPS consists of one or multiple of “Silicon Eye” vision sensors and a processor to run the Insightness algorithms, which perform simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM). (Press release/RAN)