Health- and energy-tech startups win AIT Brazil and Colombia

The Academic-Industry Training accelerator programs Brazil and Colombia concluded with the awarding of four most outstanding solutions. Healthtech startups Rea and Nutrix and energy startup Bitlumens are the prize winners from Switzerland.

The Academia-Industry Training (AIT) helps Swiss, Colombian, and Brazilian enables startup founders to innovate and develop their entrepreneurial and business skills. For each cycle, the program offers ten selected founding teams with the chance to transform their high-level applied research into market applications and advance their business plans. By travelling to the designated countries, the teams are able to establish contacts with industry, clarify intellectual property issues, network at an international level to attract new partnerships and collaborations. 

For the sixth and seventh editions of the Swiss-Brazilian camps, the program took place virtually due to international travel restrictions. According to the program manager Rocio Robinson, participants were still able to form a community and advance with their startup projects despite attending program activities online. At completing the program the organisers selected and awarded the most promising solutions from Brazil and Switzerland.

Rea’s founders Erick Cordero and Loulia Kassem, who are developing the first non-invasive test to rule out preterm labour were able to travel to Brazil as part of the AIT Brazil in 2019. They won the 6th edition’s prize. The 7th edition’swinner is Maria Hahn, CEO and Co-founder of Nutrix, the startup developing a high-tech nanosensor for glucose monitoring in saliva to help in disease prevention such as diabetes. Each winner received CHF 10,000 to inter alia conduct clinical trials in Brazil or to establish partnerships abroad. The second and third place winners will also receive one-on-one consultancy to help internationalize and develop their product or service for the target market.

For the AIT Colombia program, held from 15-19 March 2021, Veronica García-Heller CEO and Founder of Bitlumens impressed Jury Members with her comprehensive technology and its importance not only for the Colombian market, but emerging markets in general. Bitlumens provides a pay-as-you-go smart meter for rural areas using state of the art technologies. 

The registration for both the Brazilian and the Colombian programs will be launched soon. Startup founders interested in participating are invited to contact Rocio Robinson directly by email or visit the program website.

AIT Mexico launched
The AIT program has expanded to include Mexico. The first edition is most likely be held online with 20 Swiss participants exploring opportunities in the Mexican and Swiss markets. Additional details and registration dates will be announced soon.