greenTEG obtains FDA clearance for its core body temperature monitor

Patented Swiss sensor technology now delivers accurate core body temperature monitoring in a convenient and affordable format in the US too. ETH Zurich spin-off greenTEG has received a waiver status to sell its COREmedical under the Emergency Use Authorization (EUA), a policy which limits pre-market requirements for selected low-risk devices which were developed to aid the global battle against the COVID-19 virus.

Since October 7th, greenTEG’s CORE can also be marketed in the US as a clinical thermometer, called COREmedical. With fever being one of the most occurring symptoms, found in up to 80% of the infected patients with Covid-19, monitoring core body temperature of healthcare workers as well as at-risk social groups and their direct families is essential. So far, core body temperature has been practically impossible to monitor in an affordable, continuous, and non-invasive manner. But with this new solution, the Swiss solution can provide statistical and analytical real-time data to support healthcare workers in understanding the physiological symptom of fever, which is often hard to grasp in the earlier stages. As a result, COREmedical can partially relieve the existing strain on the healthcare system and contribute to reducing the number of fatal cases.

Already working together with research institutes, hospitals, and work safety companies globally, greenTEG is now further expanding its distributor channels across the entire US territory. The COREmedical is available for pre-order from today and will be released with the full FDA-compliant labeling for US medical customers by the 16th of Oct.

The COREmedical thermometer device can be worn with medical-grade adhesive patches or fits onto any heart rate monitoring strap or even attached to bras and allows to accurately monitor core body temperature (within 0.21°C / 0.36°F). As a wearable / reusable device, it connects via ANT+ and BLE with smartwatches or with smartphones to record and display core body temperature metrics.

(Press release / SK)