Green-Y wins Digital Days Startup Battle

The Startup battles at the nationwide Digital days was a tough one. Out of the 15 participating startups, Green-Y impressed the jury most with its technology that combines heating and cooling with a compressed air electricity storage in one device. The startup won CHF 10’000 and up to CHF 25’000 in Amazon Web Services credits.

Green-Y Energy is barely one year old, and it is already building a positive track record. The startup is building a storage system that will help address two main challenges faced in the renewable energy field. On the one hand, wind and solar energy are today costly, yet low-cost electricity storages are required to provide it 24/7. On the other hand, most fossil fuels in the energy-intensive heating and cooling sector need replacement—the existing solutions such as battery and heat pump are incredibly costly and contain non-sustainable materials.

The startup’s solution stores electricity and creates renewable heat and cold, all in one decentralised device and thereby promising higher profitability and sustainability.  The combined efficiency and longevity lead to amortisation times of around seven years. Additionally, the system works with air and water only and is 100% recyclable. This year the company has already won two pilot customers and secured more than CHF 825’000 in its seed round. Now the company is worlking on a pilot installation with a customer. Green-Y is looking for new team members to diversify the team.

The startup took home a CHF 10’000 cash prize from digitalswitzerland as the winner of the Digital Days Startup and up to CHF 25’000 in Amazon Web Services (AWS) credits. The jury comprised of Dominique Gruhl, Innosuisse; Delia Damsohn, Amazon Web Services; Juliette Ivanez, Innovaud and Nicolas Bürer, digitalswitzerland. 
Battle Jury

Runner ups and finalists
As runner up, Swiss Vault founded by Bhupinder Bhullar received 10’000 Amazon Web services credits. The start-up is developing a data management hardware and software to decrease the space and energy for data storage. The public award winner is Exnaton, provider of the software PowerQuartier which empowers energy providers to set up energy communities in their distribution areas. The finalists Droople and CompPair will also receive up to 5000 AWS credits.
Battle Finalists