Great interest in the redesigned Swiss Venture Day

More than 130 participants already registered for the Swiss Venture Day taking place on 5 April in Zurich. First one-to-one meetings have been booked and first start-ups are selected. Companies have until 25 March to apply.

The Swiss Venture Day of Swiss Startup Invest has been completely redesigned: it now offers several stages, at which up to 10 start-ups from different sectors can pitch. There will also be one-to-one meetings and keynote presentations. More than 130 people already registered for the Swiss Venture Day on 5 April in Zurich. About half of them are investors.

Participants can still register. Booking of the one-to-one meetings started on Friday morning. Companies wanting to pitch have apply before 25 March. More information on the website of the event.

There will be two stages at the event, one for Bio-, Med-, Micro/Nano-, Cleantech, Interdisciplinary, Accelerators and the other for ICT, Fin-/Insuretech, Social Impact, Interdisciplinary, Accelerators.

First companies selected for stage 1:

Memo Therapeutics AG is a Spin Off of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETHZ) specialising in antibody discovery and immune repertoire analysis. MEMO is a preclinical startup focusing on proprietary lead generation programs and collaborations with the biotech/pharma industry.

MicroDuits: Changes in cell mechanics may contribute to the development of many diseases. MircoDuits mission is to enable researchers around the world to perform mechanobiological tests. The Startup does this by manufacturing cell culture devices with precise mechanical properties

Peripal develops a novel patient assist device for a chronic patient population in dialysis, solving the most problematic therapy step: a manual connection of tubings.

Skypull: The startup builds an autonomous drone that transforms altitude wind power into electricity at a much lower cost than any other renewable energy source.

Twingtec: Incorporated in 2013, the startup is developing the next generation of wind energy technology systems for off-grid. The startup has developed a fully autonomous kite linked to a ground station that goes higher than traditional wind turbines.


First companies selected for stage 2:

42matters offers a full suite of products and services for App Market Data and Mobile Audience Data. The company provides customers with thorough analysis of the latest developments on the app market and user demographics that help them increase users’ engagement and efficiently target their online marketing efforts to the right audience in the mobile space.

Advertima combines machine learning, computer vision and big data to generate a positive and perfect customer experience. By linking the digital and real world through artificial intelligence, physical touch-points become more relevant again.

EyeFitU is a platform and a mobile app that helps users to shop with confidence that what they are buying is in their ‘real’ size, bringing all the major womens and mens wear brands into one place. EFU employs ‘smart’ learning technology which continues to ‘learn’ from billions of data points

Fashwell is a visual search and image recognition provider for the fashion industry with a powerful image recognition delivered via a exible API. The company makes images shoppable.

Modum is is devoting itself to ensuring drug safety with blockchain technology. Modum creates sensor devices leveraging blockchain technology to assert data immutability and public accessibility while saving costs in the pharma supply chain.