Graduation Pitch Night for ten cleantech startups

After five months of coaching, ten startups in the Impact Academy will take the stage on August 25th to present their solutions to the audience. SEIF developed the program in collaboration with its corporate partners.

The SEIF Impact Academy program provides impact-driven entrepreneurs with coaching and input sessions to enable the startups to grow and become impact investment ready. The SEIT team supported 19 startups with a five-month-long coaching cycle and selected ten to pitch at the upcoming closing night.

Composite Recycling | Lausanne – developed an innovative technology to valorise the reclaimed glass fibre and pyrolysis oil to make recycling GFRP both circular and profitable.

Seismohealth | Zurich – develops a low-cost sensing configuration that will enable extensive applications related to structural health monitoring of buildings and loss assessment after catastrophic events such as earthquakes.

RemotelyGreen | Lausanne – With a simple and human-first interface and an AI-backed facilitation system, its virtual collaboration platform brings back the spontaneous and serendipitous fun of getting to know new and old acquaintances during events.

Ascentys ESG | Courroux – provides automated ESG assessment across 360 Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). The company extracts key ESG-relevant data and concepts from customer’s day-to-day business documents to help them accurately assess their ESG performance.

perseedU | St Gallen – wants to make education accessible to everyone by providing a web3 platform that empowers talents to launch their own branded crypto tokens to fund their ambitions. Half of the purchase will be directly donated to the talent, the other half will be converted into a tradable token.

VYN GmbH | Basel – is the first sneaker brand that holistically examines all aspects a sneaker’s life. VYN stands for responsible materials and manufacturing, eco-innovation (designed for self-repair), care services, and at the end of life, responsible disassembly and re-use of materials and resources, thereby creating a circular system.

Sugar Cup | Zurich – developed an online platform to facilitate communication and connection among neighbours. It allows people to give away or sell items they no longer need, request to borrow an item, post relevant information or news, ask and offer support, etc.

Up Zürich | Zurich – provides a platform where the Zürich community can get accessibility to the local mental and physical health resources, all in one place.  

Moose | Zurich – Moose offers an education platform to unify remote and in-person learning. A novel AI-assisted feedback system and a graph-based data structure enables targeted feedback and questions on the content.

BioWerkz | Germany – built on the foundation of the “NEWood” project, the startup produces a state-of-the-art bio-based, sustainable, lightweight, plastic-free and recyclable material produced from organic waste sourced from wood and agricultural industry.