Go Global: The swissnex Startup Roadshow in Switzerland


Startup experts from swissnex San Francisco, Boston, New York, India and the Embassy in London will visit in Switzerland for a roadshow from May 23-29. They will provide insights about global opportunities for Swiss startups to help them accelerate growth.


The swissnex network offers support and resources for Swiss startup to leverage their internationalization potential. Through the swissnex Startup Roadshow, Swissnex brings together startup managers in its network from across the world to Switzerland to meet the startups and answer their queries. The roadshow runs from May 23-29 at various locations across Switzerland including ETH Zurich, EPFL, Innosuisse, and Kraftwerk Zurich. The following people will be at the roadshow:  Alicia Evangelista, swissnex Boston  Oliver Haugen, swissnex New York   Prateek Khare, swissnex India  Charlotte Chenu, Embassy UK (partially accompanied by Lutz-Peter Berg) Franziska Steiner, swissnex San Francisco During the roadshow, a series of activities will take place. Some of them include: The swissnex team will also lead a workshop on 24 May in Bern to provide in-depth insights on how to prepare for internationalization. Startups that are ready to go global and need feedback on their internationalization plan will have the chance to pitch their product, test their internationalization potential, and get feedback from the program managers. Registration for the workshop is open. A panel discussion under the theme How to scale beyond Switzerland? swissnex answers is scheduled for 27 May.  The swissnex managers will present the opportunities and resources available for internationalization in markets such as the USA, India and the UK. During the office hours, startups that are looking for expansion opportunities to accelerate their growth beyond Switzerland will have the chance to pose questions to the managers as well as network with experts and startups who have experience with this journey. To book office hours in Basel, Zurich, and Lausanne visit the Roadshow website. While in Switzerland, Swissnex delegation will participate in various events including the Venturelab Startup Champions at the ETH Zurich, Startup Days on 28 May in Bern.  (RAN) Photo by RU Recovery Ministries on Unsplash