“GO DIGITAL” - Be an Innovator challenge call for application

Bearing point invites students and graduates from five European countries including Switzerland to apply for the Be an Innovator challenge 2017. Selected startups will present before the jury in Berlin. Three winners will be awarded accordingly. Application is possible until 31st March 2017.

Be anInnovator is a challenging idea contest for students in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Italy and Romania, hosted by BearingPoint. In the past years, the contest was named Be.Project and was carried out in German speaking countries with startups from Switzerland, Germany and Australia. This year however, Italy and Romania have been welcomed on board. Students and graduates from the newly added are thus welcome to join the challenge.

The challenge seeks to award the innovative idea or project that fits the motto “Go Digital” are invited. The jury and selection team will evaluate applications basing on the following Criteria:

  • Alignment with the slogan “Go digital” – your project should match
  • Quality and originality of the project idea and the entrepreneurial approach
  • Creativity and degree of innovation – how new is the solution, which needs does it address and how relevant is its target group
  • Team spirit – collaboration, commitment and long-term orientation
  • Ability to deliver – focus, measurable results and ready-to-implement organization
  • BearingPoint Value Added – BearingPoint contribution is valuable and project idea enhances BearingPoint value proposition
  • Business case – structure and cohesiveness of the project
  • Commitment, Teaming, Excellence, Stewardship und Passion – BearingPoint values are well represented in the project

After the pre-selection phase, selected teams will be invited to pitch their idea before the jury in Vienna. The team that succeeds in convincing them with their idea has the chance to present it at the grand finale which will take place in Berlin. The winning team will receive a prize money as well as the support of BearingPoint to transform the idea into a successful startup.

In total, three teams, which show an extraordinary performance and have a high-level innovative idea, will be awarded with prizes of three categories: 1st Prize: 8,000 Euro and one year of coaching by a BearingPoint consultant, 2nd Prize: 3,000 Euro, and 3rd Prize: 1,000 Euro.

In the past years Swiss startups have collected prizes. These include: Sensoc, which develops washable smart socks that can measure the pressure on the soles via conducting fibre, DogsSense, a startup that developed a cover for dogs, which contains a GPS- and activity tracker as well as detects health problems in an early state, ComfyLight, a startup developed a smart alarm system which is integrated into a LED bulb and linked with the internet.

Deadline for application is 31st March 2017.