Global startup programs shed a light on Swiss technologies

Deeptech startups GeoCtrl, UniqFEED, Cerrion and Cellvie have scored a place in international competitions, winning themselves prizes including a ticket to international acceleration programs.

GeoCtrl wins platinum in the dotcom Awards
GeoCTRL was named a Platinum winner at the dotCOMM Awards 2022, an international competition that recognizes excellence in web creativity and digital communications. With over 2500 applications submitted, the Swiss startup scored a place as a platinum winner with its industry's first mobile application for analysing location data developed for a client. The easy-to-use interface enables academics and professionals to perform complex population movement location analysis studies with just a few clicks on their screen. The derived insights open up new opportunities for impact forecasting, risk assessment, disaster management, infrastructure planning and deployment, sustainable development, and business growth.

uniqFEED selected for the IBC Accelerator Programme
Sportstech startup uniqFEED has joined the 2022 IBC Accelerator Programme for the project '5G and the Arena of the Future for XR Events'. The vision is to leverage 5G’s high-speed connectivity to deliver a truly innovative and interactive live XR sporting broadcast event across multiple platforms, locations, and fan accessibility mediums in both physical and virtual worlds. This will enable the creation and consumption of live content via a broadcast that is immersive, inclusive and a social experience for audiences. A bespoke, unified space will be created to combine a virtual, layered 3D metaverse-style arena with a physical sports grounds, to demonstrate locality, player interaction and a next-gen audience entertainment experience using 5G, augmented reality and 360-degree spatalised audio elements.

uniqFEED is currently working alongside companies like Vodafone, Hado, ESL/Weavr, Warner Bros. Discovery, DAZN, BT Sport, Olympic Broadcasting Services, Kings College London, University of Surrey, Production Park, AMD, Net Insight, Microsoft, Noitom, ProMod Esports and IVCR to bring this project to life.

Cerrion joins Y-Combinator
The Y-Combinator accelerator has opened doors to another Swiss startup, Cerrion. Zurich-based startup developed a plug and play visual AI system that automatically detects and tracks problems in real-time. The solution helps production teams understand when, where and why losses are happening on their production lines. During the acceleration program, the Cerrion team will get access to industry experts, a network of investors and alumni as well as capital.

Cellvie shortlisted for Falling Walls Awards
The non-profit Falling Walls Foundation has shortlisted the startups for the Falling Walls Science Breakthrough of the Year 2022 in the categories Science Start-Ups (Falling Walls Venture) and Science Engagement (Falling Walls Engage). The shortlisted participants will pitch their projects at the Falling Walls Science Summit during Pitch Day on 7 November. The pitch winner from each category will receive the title of the Science Breakthrough of the Year 2022 and return to the stage for the grand finale of the Falling Walls Science Summit on 9 November. Cellvie, the biotech startup pioneering Therapeutic Mitochondria Transplantation, a novel treatment approach aimed at cellular energy metabolism is competing in the category Falling Walls Venture.