Global music distribution service platform integrates Onescreener


Smart Swiss online tools such as Doodle or Smallpdf are successful around the globe. Onescreener follows in their footsteps. 


California-based Octiive, the digital music distribution platform with the largest international reach, has entered into a partnership with Onescreener, a quick, affordable site builder for artists. Both companies pride themselves on being founded by music industry professionals and tailoring services to artists’ needs based on their own experience.

With Octiive’s Onescreener partnership, an artist or indie label can use the Swiss-designed tool to seamlessly build a site, with their own domain name, incorporating music, photos, and booking request forms. Remote live shows can even be integrated via Twitch and other platforms. The easy drag-and-drop page builder is accessible on mobile or desktop, and allows users to create a professional, responsive Onescreener landing page in 10 minutes without writing a single line of code.

“What Onescreener does is very much in keeping with what Octiive is all about,” said Craig Broom, Octiive’s Director of Artist Relations. “We know from our own years in the music business how important it is to make your artistic work accessible in the quickest, simplest way possible. You’d be surprised how many artists don’t have their music and booking info in one easy-to-find place. We’re always adding tools to help our members succeed, and Onescreener does just that.”

Octiive, founded by musician and tech entreprenuer Mershad Javan in 2010 as Mondotunes, is one of the leading digital distribution platforms with access to over 600 stores including Apple, Amazon, Spotify and Tidal. It also has unmatched access to China’s massive market via its partnership with Tencent. The platform offers the best rates for singles and albums without sneaky add-ons, and it offers special yearly subscription packages at the label level.

Onescreener was founded in Switzerland in 2016 and is part of the startup Oscillate AG, based in Zurich. In addition to the public facing site, Onescreener users also get “back office” capabilities that let artists manage their own tours and billing.

(Press release / SK)Bild: Daniel Friesenecker / Pixabay