Global acceleration programs support Swiss startups


During the next months, five Swiss startups will leverage resources and expertise provided by accelerator programs to develop their solutions.  While Cyanoguard joins Prospect Mining Studio, Inpher, Riskwolf, Starmind and Sonect will participate in the Plug and Play programs.


CyanoGuard enters the first Prospect Mining Studio program, a partnership between the Vimson Group and Newlab which will, for the first time, support 15 startups during 12 months to develop and test their products, deploy pilots and scale their businesses into the mining industry. One of the selected startups is CyanoGuard from Zurich. The chemical technology startup is developing innovative solutions for the detection of cyanide. Their solutions allow users to test liquid samples using a sensor that changes colour upon the presence of cyanide. CyanoGuard’s solution is applicable across several fields, including the mining industry.

Plug & Play Global summer batch
Plug and Play is the largest global innovation platform that brings together outstanding technology startups with large organisations to accelerate and develop startups' solutions. This summer, a selected number of startups from the fields of energy, enterprise tech, fintech, health, Insurtech, Internet of Things, mobility and real estate and construction will participate in the program at different locations.

The Swiss startups Inpher and Riskwolfmade it to the program in the categories Enterprise tech and Insurtech. Inpher pioneers cryptographic 'Secret Computing' technology for secure, privacy-preserving analytics and machine learning. Riskwolf is specialising in Parametric InsurTech as a Service the startup is developing a loss protection product against Internet Outages for SME's.

Plug & Play Fintech Europe - Frankfurt
Fintech Europe, Plug and Play's fintech-focused innovation platform based out of Frankfurt has selected ten startups including two from Switzerland for its fifth batch. One of the two Swiss startups in the program is Starmind, a Zurich based startup offering a platform that puts together Artificial Intelligence and neuroscience so organisations can leverage their collective human intelligence. Based on self-learning algorithms, the platform provides employees with the answers and expertise obtained from more than 200 sources. Large companies such as ABB, Telefonica, Novartis, Daimler, Bayer are using Starmind's technology.

The second participant is Sonect, a location-based matchmaking platform connecting those who want to withdraw cash with those who wish to deposit it. Since ist foundation, the consumer payment solution provider has grown to become the leading virtual ATM in Switzerland with more than 2300 partner shops.