Gilytics sets foot in Spain


The Zurich based Gilytics and provider of a fast computing and 3D visualization technology for complex planning of transportation and energy infrastructures, is now targeting the Spanish market. The startup has set up a new office in Valencia for product development.


Gilytics is an ETH Spin-off that developed a 3D routing, optimal siting and planning tool for linear infrastructure asset management like powerlines, pipelines, railroads, roads and wind parks. Very easy to navigate through, the cloud-based platform calculates multiple scenarios with the lowest impact on humans and the environment in real-time. This highly complex work is performed in Gilytics Pathfinder based on a data-driven approach including 3D simulations supported by satellite images and Augmented Reality for objective and realistic stakeholder engagement. “As nuclear and coal-fired power plants shut down and solar and wind along with electric vehicles expand, new grid infrastructure needs to be built quickly. We are helping to make this process smarter with our software, which can help planners visualize in 3D in a few seconds where to sustainably place this infrastructure. Our solution helps energy and transportation projects that are often delayed for years more easily get the approval needed to be built,” comments Philippe Bieri, Co-Founder and CFO of Gilytics. After building up a customer base in Switzerland, Gilytics is now set for global expansion. The startup has recently set up a subsidiary in Valencia, Spain with a local team who will oversee the activities of the region. The newly founded company strengthens the company’s IT research and development ambitions, which are geared towards setting up a foundation for business activities in Spanish speaking markets. The startup has ongoing pilots in South America and is in discussion with customers in the US.  Commenting on the move and the advantages of expanding to Spain, Bieri says that: “In addition to its technical universities and developed tech scene, the Spanish market is known for its advanced solar and wind systems which our customers can benefit from. We will also benefit from their strong ties to South America where large investments in infrastructure are being made to quickly scale in these markets.”(RAN)