GenTwo hits two billion dollar assets under service

Ending 2019, Assets Under Service at GenTwo totalled USD 300 million. Today, the Zurich-based securitisation specialist offering ‘Securities-as-a-Service’ has reached the 2 billion mark, underscoring the company’s robust growth momentum and growing demand from institutional clients for new assets.

GenTwo builds securitisation platforms for institutional clientele – asset managers, banks, family offices or venture capitalists – enabling bankable and non-bankable assets to be securitised with Swiss ISINs. The platform allows them to bring tracker certificates, actively managed certificates (AMC), and credit-linked notes (CLN) directly to market and into their clients’ conventional portfolios. Thanks to the effectiveness of these off-balance sheet platforms, virtually any asset has become investable and manageable, solving the problem of declining margins and growth barriers for many financial market participants.

Since the company's foundation four years ago, the services offered by the fintech startup have continued to generate a high level of interest among institutional clients. To this day, the company serves more than 24 clients and has built 200 platforms, with a 60% growth realised last year. The company’s subsidiary GenTwo Digital, offering institutional clients the possibility of securitising digital (Blockchain-based) assets, also saw remarkable results, with 160% gains in the same period. The total number of products launched via the GenTwo emissions solution grew by 82% in 2021 (and at GenTwo Digital by 200%), to more than 650. Twenty-one clients have so far subscribed to the GenTwo Digital services.

At the end of December 2019, Assets Under Service totalled USD 300 million, and by March 2021 it had already exceeded USD one billion. In April 2022, the FinTech startup reached the two-billion-dollar mark, underscoring its market leadership in the field of innovative issuing solutions.

Philippe A. Naegeli, CEO of GenTwo, comments on this positive development: “The GenTwo ecosystem is developing without a stop. All of our partners (and every client) are successfully expanding their possibility of increasing efficiency and scalability, making new assets investable, and helping shape sustainably and change the financial market itself.”

(Press release/RAN)