Geneva Wealthtech Awards reveals the finalists


Three Swiss startups are among the six finalists selected for the Geneva Wealthtech Awards. The startups will pitch to an audience of more than 300 people from the wealth management sector. The pitch contest takes place at Geneva Wealthtech Forum on 14 March.


The Geneva Wealthtech Forum brings together wealth managers and digital innovators together to promote Geneva as a global center of wealth management and technology. Together, they will discuss trends and topics within their fields and speakers will address complement the discussions with insights on key topics. The focus topics of the forum include; the Global Wealth Management Industry over the last decade, the current Focus of Global WealthTech Startups and Incubators, WealthTech: The opportunism for Entrepreneurs and Investors as well as the role of women in the Future of Wealth.

Part of the event is the Geneva Wealthtech Awards, which awards the best wealthtech startup in two categories. The “Best WealthTech Startups Switzerland” and the "Best WealthTech Startups International"

The selected Swiss startups for the contest include; AAAccell – specializing in asset and risk management, the spin-off company of the University of Zurich is developing cutting-edge high-tech solutions for the financial service market. One of their products is a complex quantitative model for asset management based on scientific research.  Gold Avenue – the Geneva-based startup operates an eCommerce platform where customers can buy, sell, and store gold and other physical precious metals with ease. Offering competitive prices and free storage to its clients, Gold Avenue aims to democratize and simplify precious metals purchasing habits. In addition to providing insurance for all its products, the startup’s most advanced high-tech underground vaults are also protected against theft, damage, and loss at all time. Selma – the startup has built a platform that enables anyone to start investing. Selma's online investment service includes wealth management and asset management. Based on the financial status of the user, Selma creates a portfolio, optimizes, buys, sells investments and adapts the portfolio to changes in the user and the markets. The exchange between the user and the platform takes place via a chat. The three Swiss startups will compete against three other startups - I know First, Quantila and Raisin. (RAN)