Futurae Technologies wins CHF 130’000 at the Venture Kick final

Futurae Technologies developed a hands-off two-factor user authentication system for online applications that require additional security. The startup was awarded 130'000 Swiss francs at the Venture Kick final and is now ready to conquer the market.

Passwords are often weak and usually reused. Even though several websites provide double stage confirmation of passwords, users do not like such cumbersome processes.  Futurae Technologies devolved a patented product, named „#Sound-Proof“, for a quick, safe and user friendly authentication process by use of surrounding sounds.

Futurae Technologies allows users and companies to use the latest IT security. While the user logs himself in, “#Sound-Proof” records the surrounding sounds of two devices (i.e. mobile phone and computer) within three seconds, and compares these data hence granting authority to the user. In comparison with other solutions, this password process does not need any interaction of the user with his mobile device; the phone can stay in one’s pocket.

This solution costs cuttings of 60% for the companies and brings an improved user experience, is attractive for the financial sector, e-commerce, e-health as well as the insurance sector. Futurae already successfully works together with financial market leaders and conducts pilot projects with Swiss banks. After the Swiss market, their goal is to push their expansion in Europe and in the United States, in the coming years.

Sandra Tobler, co-founder of Futurae Technologies, is jubilant about the success: “Venture Kick is a fantastic program that helps startups at their early stage of development, financially as well as in execution support. The program helped us to concentrate on our product release and market entry.”

(Press release/ran)