Funding and momentum for Kido Dynamics


Kido Dynamics is a people mobility analytics start-up based in Lausanne. The startup has closed its Seed round, raising close to CHF 500’000 from business angels in Switzerland with additional subscription rights for CHF 200’000 later this year.


Kido Dynamics’ technology shows a lot of potential for the future of  retail, real estate optimization, and the tourism industry. Ignacio Barrios, Kido Dynamics CEO explains that his start-up uses data provided by telco operators, and applies social physics and quantum computing techniques to very accurately analyse and predict human mobility patterns. Its technology is private by design, and fully complies with European GDPR. 

Today Kido Dynamics has paying customers in 3 verticals: transportation, marketing and tourism, with operations mostly focused on Spain. Among their customers, the start-up has toll road operator CINTRA, Spanish Tourism Innovation Office (Segittur) and utility company ENEL. The company is also initiating pilot projects in Brazil, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Italy, and Switzerland.

The people mobility analytics start-up has now completed the seed round raising an investment sum of approximately CHF 500’000 from business angels from the SICTIC Group. Furthermore, these investors hold additional subscription rights for CHF 200’000 later this year.

The next months will be very active for Vaud start-up bridging the gap between the digital and physical world. Ignacio Barrios explains that Kido Dynamics is providing smart insights to Swiss Prime Site (SPS) to help find the best tenants for its Sihlcity shopping center project in Zurich, the objective being to optimize its commercial impact. The CEO is also very enthusiastic, as his company will be joining the 2018 Kickstart Accelerator program as of September 1st in Zurich in the Smart Cities and Infrastructure vertical.