From medtech to mars applications: Swiss start-ups sweep away prizes

Juries of the recently held competitions were impressed by the level of innovation start-ups brought to the table. The winning projects are developing solutions in various fields ranging from medtech, sustainable materials to proposals for enabling life on mars.

Hi-D Imaging, the start-up developing the world’s first AI-based pre-operational planning tool, which enables physicians to perform personalised planning ahead of cardiac surgery, is among the participants of the Women Entrepreneurship Bootcamp. Supported by , the program connects high growth, women-led or co-led start-ups to an unparalleled network of investors and mentors. The bootcamp offers a seven-week programme providing intensive training, mentoring and networking opportunities in Galway (Ireland), Coimbra (Portugal), Barcelona (Spain) and London (UK). The teams will also participate in two pitch events and enjoy significant one-to-one face time with investors.

JEC Startup Booster 2021, CompPair Technologies

More than 200 innovative projects from over ten countries worldwide entered the JEC Startup Booster 2021 competition, a program designed for companies that are creating an impact on the composite industry. The Swiss start-up CompPair emerged as the winner. To reduce materials waste by extending the lifetime of composite products, the start-up has developed a self-healing and robust composite applicable in a range of industries from sports, marine to wind and transport. Thanks to its lightness, the composite helps to reduce weight and thus energy consumption.

Deutsche Bahn Mindbox, Human Resources, Witty Works

Witty Works is one of the four start-ups that impressed the jury of the Deutsche Bahn’s ‘Human Resources 2021’, held as part of the Deuestchbahn Mindbox programme. The start-up developed Diversifier, a text-editing tool that enables companies to unlock diversity and become inclusive. The tool checks texts for discrimination in real-time and suggesting inclusive language. During the next phase, Wittyworks and the three winners get the exclusive opportunity to develop a prototype and/or test a product in the DB Live environment within a 100-day proof of concept.

Mars Habitat Challenge by Venturelab, five winners

Organised by Hagerbach Test Gallery in collaboration with venturelab, the Mars Habitant Challenge supports start-ups developing solutions that will enable living on Mars or other planets. The desired solution should be a self-sustaining habitat based on the principles of a circular economy. Five start-ups have won the chance to attend the Hagerbach Test Gallery NXT50 event. These are: ANYbotics, autonomous robots for industrial inspection; MeduSoil Ltd, mineralising carbon underground; MOBBOT, mobile 3D concrete printing systems; NematX AG, boosts industrial 3D printing with new materials, and YASAI: Grow more with less.

Flyabiliy: Airwards Survey and Inspection Award

Over the last year, Flyability has reported on the use of its indoor Elios drones in the ice caves of Greenland, an abandoned nuclear reactor at Chernobyl, and a dam being built at over a mile (1.6 km) high in the Swiss Alps. In addition to these unique missions, Flyability’s Elios 2 has been used for crucial inspection work across multiple industries, saving companies millions in inspection costs and reduced downtimes, and eliminating thousands of hours of dangerous confined space entry for inspectors. In recognition of these achievements, Airwards announced that Flyability has been given the Survey and Inspection award.

Airwards is the first awards platform focused specifically on identifying, recognizing, and championing drone use cases around the world. Other Airwards winners this year include American Robotics, Volansi, and White Fox Defense Technologies.