From a university project to a real business

Artiazza is an online community and platform which enables newcomer artists to sell their art pieces to a public of art enthusiasts. Launched one month ago, the 9 art pieces were already sold in the first three weeks and over 250 have been released on the platform.

Amazon, ebay and co. are platforms that allow various sellers including artists to reach a wide range of customers to sell their products. Much as these platforms are open to everyone, newcomer artists are often left out of the bracket due to the high and competition with experienced artists.

During their master program, Martina Bühler, Armin Herbsthofer, Franziska Luginbühl and Alexandra Scherrer developed the idea that would democratise the art business industry. Their idea was to create a platform that would allow newcomer artists to sell their art pieces without necessarily competing with expert- and renowned artists.

In September 2016, the team had the opportunity to participate in the pitch competition organised by Societiey3 and SICTIC. They presented the idea for the first time before the audience comprising of expert entrepreneurs, investors and like-minded people at the “Startup-Tag Zentralschweiz” where they earned the third position. As a reward the Artiazza team joined Society3’s accelerator program to further develop their idea and transform their idea into a feasible business.

Artiazza has now transformed into a startup and is based in Luzern. The startup is offering a platform to newcomer artists and like-minded people to enable them sell their art work – both new and old – to the public at affordable prices. The platform is free of charge, however, whenever a piece of art gets sold, Artiazza obtains a 25% commission. This way, artists are not required to pay any subscriptions to use the platform. Moreover, Artists profit a lifetime from their pieces of art that they created: When their art piece is resold on Artiazza, artists get back royalties. A concept very much known in the music industry, but brand-new in the online arts industry.

“Artiazza is not only a platform to buy and sell. It is a platform and a community where people discover and interact with the various newcomer artists. Moreover, our community members have the ability to learn more about the artists, give feedback and comment on the different artwork. This way, newcomers receive constructive feedback necessary for building their art career”, said Alexandra Scherrer, E-Commerce & communication at Artiazza. “We are excited to be realising our idea”, she added.

Following their launch in February, Artiazza reported to have sold nine art pieces during the first three weeks and 250 art pieces are available for sale.

Meet the artists
Artiazza is organizing an auction event at the Pop-Up Market on 25. March 2017 in Zurich. The event features various activities such as auctioning for the artworks of newcomer artists, a live-painting performance by artists as well as the possibility for visitors to actively participate in the performance. The Artiazza team will also be present to interact with the audience. The team is open for discussion and will provide insights on the new art community in Switzerland. They will also answer questions from the audience. The event is open for registration.