Fresh capital propels DataHow into the commercial phase

DataHow, a Zurich-based technology company specialized in bioprocess data analytics and modeling, has finalized its Series A investment round led by Momenta. The proceeds will allow the company to accelerate the deployment of its digital bioprocess development and manufacturing platform, DataHowLab.

Founded in 2017 by a team of experienced researchers with industry experience, DataHow believes that data and smart, digital technologies will transform bioprocess development and manufacturing. The ETH Zurich spin-off has pioneered the development of hybrid models for bioprocess development, implementing their innovative technologies with many of the biopharmaceutical industry's largest players. Combining hard-coded process knowledge with data-driven AI algorithms, its platform DataHowLab provides process engineers with richer process insight when developing complex manufacturing processes while requiring less data. The Digital twin technology will further enable process simulation and automated process monitoring and control for development and manufacturing.

The undisclosed amount in the series A round will allow the team to accelerate the development of DataHowLab and its deployment in the market. As stated by the company, this investment highlights the conviction that DataHow's technology will transform digital bioprocessing and serve as a crucial catalyst in the biopharmaceutical industry's digital transformation journey. Momenta, the leading industrial impact venture capital firm, led the round and was supported by Rockwell Automation and Zürcher Kantonalbank. Besides their investment, Momenta and Rockwell Automation will provide DataHow with their expertise in industrial automation and digital transformation.

“We sought investment partners that understand the impact of digital on manufacturing, and are deeply-rooted in the market, ecosystem, technology, and culture.”, said Dr. Alessandro Butté, CEO and co-founder of DataHow. “We have a deep understanding of research and development, but need partners now to help us scale up our market and solutions towards manufacturing and regulated production environments.”

"The past several years have reinforced the value of flexible and rapid scale in bioprocess manufacturing, quickly bringing new medicines and compounds to improve the environment, and people's quality of life," said Ken Forster, Executive Director of Momenta. “DataHow is a pioneer in applying AI models to accelerate the scale-up of bioprocess manufacturing.”

“We are excited to support DataHow in expanding their capabilities from early-stage process development to commercial manufacturing,” said Arvind Rao, vice president, Industry Solutions at Rockwell Automation. “With Rockwell’s engagement, DataHow can provide customers with a complete set of solutions from the lab to commercial scale manufacturing that will accelerate time to market (including batch release), increase product yields, and reduce costs.” 

(Press release/RAN)
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