Fresh capital for Skycell to accelerate growth


The Geneva-based Capital Transmission has acquired a stake in Skycell AG, a specialist in temperature-controlled air cargo containers. The funds will support the company's growth to accelerate its development while structuring its fundamentals.


Skycell manufactures and rents temperature-controlled air cargo containers. These containers are based on hybrid technology for high value-added pharmaceutical products that are sensitive to temperature variations. Founded in 2012 in Zug by two co-founders, Richard Ettl (CEO) and Nico Ros (CTO), the company is now also present in Zurich and is actively developing a set of interregional and intercontinental supply lines for the secure transport of products sensitive to temperature variations using Skycell technology. The company already works with several world leaders in pharmaceuticals. Moving forward towards the scaling phase, Skycell has announced the receipt of a strategic investment from the Geneva-based Capital Transmission. The investment firm has acquired a stake in Skycell to accompany the company in its ambitious development project. Through this capital growth operation, Capital Transmission supports the company's growth and provides it with the resources necessary to accelerate its development while structuring its fundamentals. "For us, Capital Transmission’s participation marks the beginning of a new structural phase. In Capital Transmission, we have found a financial partner that fits perfectly with our strategic vision and is able to assist us in our ambitious development project. Our choice of a like-minded investor is a clear sign of our determination to move forward while preserving our mission and values," said Ettl, CEO, and Ros, CTO. "We have been really impressed by the quality of management and technical agility developed over the past seven years. Skycell is able to provide its customers with the most reliable technology on the market. This specific know-how strengthens its excellent positioning in a niche market. This transaction is perfectly in line with our current strategy of financially assisting wise SMEs," said the Capital Transmission team.(Press release)