Fresh capital for personalised vitamin supplements

Launched in August 2021, Indyvit has built an online health store to allow consumers to customize their vitamin supplements – be it for health, sport or beauty. New investment and expertise from R17 Ventures will push the company to the next level.

Founded by Philip Bienz, Indyvit is revolutionizing the world of vitamin supplements within Europe. Currently, most off-the-shelf and over-the-counter vitamin solutions follow the “one shoe fits all approach” which disregards users’ individual needs and oftentimes, requires consuming multiple capsules with different ingredients. For two years, Benz devised a solution to enable customization, and in August 2021, he launched his e-commerce platform Indyvit.

Based in Reinach (Basel-Landschaft) and supported by a team of experts in the medical field and a pharmacist, Indyvit allows users to create their own vitamin supplements, ensuring that their bespoke mix is unique and aids their health beyond traditional supplements. The startup also offers pre-created vitamin supplements ranging from general health vitamins to personal beauty and sport. Each capsule contains multiple (customizable) ingredients curated by the customer or the company covering the required daily dosage, thus eliminating the need to consume numerous capsules.

Since the launch, the company has seen continuous growth, attracting more than 150 customers a month in the DACH region. Building on its traction, Indyvit has attracted R17 Ventures AG, the international agency, with headquarters in Zürich, as a shareholder. In addition to its investment in the company, R17 Ventures is supporting the startup in managing and executing omnichannel performance marketing and Shopify development and management.

“We have been working with Indyvit as a performance marketing agency for a few months now and have seen first-hand the great growth potential of this business model”, says Raphael Rohner, founder and CEO of R17 Ventures, who has built a track-record building and scaling online businesses. “As a revolutionary agency, there is a lot of synergy in us working with an online brand like Indyvit, which is revolutionizing the supplement world. I look forward to this next chapter and am excited to watch this partnership between R17 Ventures and Indvit grow from strength to strength.”