Fresh capital for MyoSwiss


ETH Spin-off MyoSwiss aiming to help people with mobility impairments has raised CHF 2.2 million with existing investors and the new investor, T-Robotics, a leading robotics company from South Korean developing industrial and healthcare robots. The funds will accelerate growth and market entry.


MyoSwiss is a medtech startup to develop solutions that improve the quality of life of people living with mobility impairments by empowering them to be physically active. With its flagship product, the Myosuit, the company offers state of the art technology that is accessible to the public. The Myosuit is a wearable muscle (exomuscle) that combines robotics and functional textiles to support users in their daily activities such as walking, negotiating stairs, and standing up or sitting down.

Three years following its foundation, Myowiss has obtained additional funding of CHF 2.2 million from new and existing investors. The investment will be used to support business activities to accelerate market entry and boost its growth.

T-Robotics joined the round as a strategic investor. South Korea based Company specialises in the development and production of vacuum robots. It is also active in additional fields that include rehabilitation, autonomous cafeteria tech, and autonomous transport robots. With the investment in MyoSwiss, they strengthen technological cooperation and gain further access to the market of medical rehabilitation.

“We appreciate the support and investment of our existing and new investors. The partnership with T-Robotics is fascinating and we see great value from their expertise in robotics. This additional investment will allow us to grow further and accelerate our business.” said Jaime Duarte, CEO of MyoSwiss.

“MyoSwiss’ fast and efficient development as a MedTech company is very impressive. We are so happy to partner with them and expect their technology and approach to problem-solving will strengthen our expertise in the field of robotic rehabilitation,” said Seung-Wook Ahn, CEO of T-Robotics.

(Press release/RAN)