Fresh capital for DeepJudge

DeepJudge’s AI platform automates legal documents processing enabling law firms, courts, and legal departments to save time. The Startup has now obtained a new investment from prominent business angels to accelerate time to market.

The Zurich based startup was incorporated in 2021 Paulina Grnarova (CEO), Florian Schmidt (Head of Research), Yannic Kilcher (CTO), and Kevin Roth (Chief Data Scientist) who all have attained PhDs at the ETH. The startup develops a context-aware legal document processing platform that recognizes and understands concepts without explicitly mentioning them. At the core of DeepJudge’s technology is artificial intelligence that understands multiple languages and has been trained on millions of documents, thus able to understand the semantic content of legal documents.

The platform allows to automatically highlight and anonymize sensitive information, enhance documents by augmenting them with external data, and search for related relevant documents across in-house databases. The context-awareness puts the solution a generation ahead of even the most prominent existing legal platforms in Europe.

With their solution, Deepjudge aims to tap into a EUR 1 billion market the DACH region. Target customers include law firms, courts and legal departments. Thanks to a new investment round, DeepJudge is now braced to advance product development and accelerate its market entry. Professional business anegls who contribute to the round will also support the startup with their expertise.

To this day, DeepJudge has obtained more than CHF 0.5 M in different awards and prizes including Bridge Proof of Concept, InnoBooster, VentureKick and Innosuisse.