Fourteen Swiss startups ready for scaling

The Innosuisse Scale-up program allows selected startups to refine and implement their growth strategy with the support of specialised Innosuisse coaches. Fourteen startups have entered the second phase of the Scale-up Coaching programme.

The Scale-up Coaching programme fosters young companies with very high growth potential. After an initial intensive phase of about three months, the startups enrolled in the programme presented their objectives and concept for commercial growth to a committee of experts and the Innosuisse Innovation Council representatives. Out of 19 that participated in Phase 1 of the programme, 14 startups were positively evaluated and received the Scale-up Award. They successfully demonstrated their past growth performance and presented an ambitious but achievable future growth strategy.

The companies selected for the second phase of Scale-up Coaching will aim to increase their growth in Switzerland and to expand into new global markets. Various coaches will assist them on their journey and in areas such as organisational growth and scaling, regulatory affairs, fundraising, investor relations and more. In addition, the teams can benefit from Innosuisse’s internationalisation offers during the 24-month-period of the coaching programme.

ANYbotics AG (Robotics) – ETH spin-off building commercial legged robots for autonomous industrial inspections.

Cellestia Biotech AG (Pharmaceuticals) –  biopharmaceutical company developing innovative first-in-class anti-cancer drugs.

GRZ Technologies SA (Renewable Energy) – manufactures hydrogen-based power-to-power systems and thermochemical hydrogen compressors to potentially store large quantities of renewably generated energy.

hemotune AG (Medtech) – is developing a revolutionary medical device for blood purification through magnetic beads to provide the means to treat critically ill patients.

Insolight SA (Cleantech) – offers an innovative agrivoltaic solution for secure and efficient energy production while providing protection and dynamic light adjustment for the crops.

LEDCity AG (Cleantech) – a fast-growing cleantech company combining modern LED technology, sensors, and artificial intelligence to reduce electricity consumption by 90%.

Librio AG (Consumer Goods) – As a blend of publishing, tech and impact, Librio is offering personalised, high-quality children’s books and is driven by social responsibility.

Pexapark AG (Renewable Energy) – Providing software and advisory services for post-subsidy renewable energy sales and risk management.

Scailyte AG (Biotech) –ETH Zürich spin-off developing cutting edge analytical pipelines to translate data into clinical applications through single-cell science.

Swiss Motion Technologies SA (Medtech) – Specialized in 3D printing of silicone applied to Orthopaedics and Prosthetics, MotionTech provides the first custom liners in 3D printed silicone, made from a 3D scan of the patient’s residual limb.

Typewise AG (Artificial Intelligence): Built a privacy-focused AI text prediction technology that triples productivity through a desktop/enterprise solution as well as a unique keyboard app for mobile devices.

Vatorex AG (Agritech) – is developing an ecologically positive system for beekeepers to ensure effective control over varroa (bee parasite) and gain greater insight into hives.

Wildbiene + Partner AG (Agritech) – Implementing mason bees as a new industrial pollinator and supporting privates and growers bringing back natural pollinators to gardens and orchards, thereby increasing biodiversity.

ZuriMED Technologies AG (Medtech) – medtech company specialising in developing and translating high-potential breakthrough technologies for soft tissue surgery primarily in sports medicine with clear clinical needs and opportunities.

(Press release/RAN)