Four Swiss startups to enter the second stage of a Chinese startup competition


IPIEC Global is an innovation and entrepreneurship contest connecting start-ups from all over the world to Chinese capital, enterprises, and industrial clusters. Recently, IPIEC GLOBAL 2018 Swiss Chapter officially kicked off. Four Swiss companies have been selected for the Semi-final contest. They will travel to China in December.


As an innovation connector between China and the world, WTOIP has been attaching great attention to Swiss scientific and technological innovation. WTOIP supported and participated in the opening ceremony of Venture Leaders China 2018 in June, matchmaking event in Shenzhen in September, as well as the Swiss Top 100 event. 

Through IPIEC GLOBAL, WTOIP managed to connect Swiss startups with Chinese capital, enterprises, and industrial clusters. In order to better support the projects to launch in China, WTOIP will conduct comprehensive launch guidance and market analysis for the Global Top 30, and organize the International Innovation Bootcamp in the coming December, bringing semi-finalists to Suzhou, Guangzhou, Xi’an, Kunming, Yuxi, Mianyang cities, covering major industrial and commercial cities in China,  to enable them to gain direct understanding and contact with various local parts of the country, and to get to know the latest applicable incentive policy for foreign technology projects. Through the contest, WTOIP has established a database of technology demands from leading enterprises, covering AI, big data, new materials, new energy, biomedicine, etc. Contestants with relevant technology are encouraged to match these demands. 

At an event in Geneva in November, which was supported by Venturelab and FONGIT, 10 startup projects presented their innovative technologies and products on the stage of IPIEC GLOBAL. Insightness, Amphasys, Morphean, and Biowatch were selected and will attend the Semi-final contest in Mianyang, China in early December. 

Semi-finalists Selected from IPIEC GLOBAL 2018 Swiss Chapter

Insightness Insightness builds spatial AI solutions (Vision Chip & Software) that allow devices to understand the structure of their environment, how things move and where they are located.

AMPHASYSThis “lab-on-chip” technology allows analysis of almost any kind of single cells from human, animal and plant sources as well as bacteria, yeast and algae. Currently, the company focuses on the market development for pollen quality analysis.

MORPHEANBased on the latest IoT and cloud technologies, the Morphean platform improves security by providing intelligent and proactive monitoring. The data provided by each connected IoT device also enables companies to monitor trends and improve performance through actionable insights provided by Artificial Intelligence.

BIOWATCHBIOWATCH is committed to integrating wearable devices with biometrics to simplify identity security verification.

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