Four Swiss MarTech startups among the Loomis Food tech finalists

Barilla and Lavazza have announced the finalists of the second edition of their Food-Tech Innovation Award 2022. Among the 12 finalists are four Swisstech startups offering MarTech solutions in food retail: Beaconsmind, The Nemesis, Wecheer and Nexoya. During the finale, the teams will pitch to win a proof of concept with the two leading global food brands.

Established as an open innovation initiative, the FoodTech Innovation Award 2022 aims to promote cutting-edge solutions that can support Barilla and Lavazza in boosting customer engagement and using data in a more effective manner. The second edition attracted more than 100 applicants, which a jury analysed thoroughly to select the most outstanding 12 finalists from Switzerland, the US (New York, Boston & Pleasanton,) Germany, Israel, Turkey and Ireland. They will pitch at the finale on October 26, 2022. The winners will get the opportunity to explore a Proof of Concept with Barilla and Lavazza.

The four finalists from Switzerland in their respective categories are:

Category 1: Boost customer engagement

Beaconsmind | Stafa – is a location-based marketing software that enables retailers to transform the shopping experience for customers in physical stores. Its localization technology and software suite allows retailers to converge digital and physical shopping and address the convenience gaps of each.

The Nemesis by UNDO Studios SA |Lugano – is the entertainment platform that offers innovative VR experiences through gameplays, challenges and events set in fun metaverses. The Nemesis is the future of advertising and entertainment: an ecosystem to live unforgettable experiences.

Wecheer | Lausanne – provides a Brand Loyalty card (instead of a retailer card) that works across any supermarket, restaurant or eCommerce shops. Wecheer app leverages three technological verticals (OCR, QR codes & IoT) to capture offline sale from any retail channel.

Other finalists are: Adventr – Ossum Technology (New York, US), Cortex (Boston) and Proqure (Pleasanton, US)

Category 2: Extract value from data

Nexoya | Zürich – built a modern SaaS platform allowing the modern Marketing Expert to automatically gather all his data in one place, apply simplified reporting and analysis on it, and then use sophisticated artificial intelligence models to get predictions and prescriptions on what to do next.

Further finalists in the category are: Ariadne Maps (Munich, Germany), B2Metric  (Istanbul, Turkey), (Dublin, Ireland), Konnecto (Tel Aviv, Israel) and Salesbeat  (New York, US).