Four startups collect gold and bronze accolades in the Tech Tour finals


Nagi Bioscience, Spitch, Ecorobotics and Battrion are among the winners of the Tech Tours Final 2019. The startups received both Gold and Bronze accolades in recognition of their innovation in healthcare, digital and sustainability.



The Tech Tour contest is a global competition for startups in the High-technology sectors. More than 175 startups qualified for the 2019 Tech Tour final round. Among them were 17 Swiss startups. During the final in at the Zollverein Unesco World Heritage in Germany, the startups had the opportunity to present their innovations to an international audience of investors, key corporates and innovation experts. Nine grand winners in three categories (Healthcare, Digital and Sustainability) and one audience award winner were announced and awraded. The following Swiss startups brought home a prize. EcoRobotix – Sustainability, GoldThe EPFL spinoff develops and commercialised fully autonomous weeding robots for the agricultural sector. In addition to using low energy, the robots are precise, safe, reliable which helps to reduce the negative ecological impact of modern agriculture while simultaneously keeping costs competitive. The startup is also a holder of numerous awards and has recently received the B-Corp certification accorded to sustainable companies. Battrion – Sustainability, BronzeThe ETH spinoff developed a unique storage solution for lithium-ion batteries aimed to increase the charging speed of high energy density cells. The technology focuses on improving the structure of the battery during the manufacturing process, enabling a faster charging. Following their ambition to make better and more sustainable batteries, the startup has continued to impress audiences and is supported by Innoenergy the European innovation engine for sustainable energy. Nagi Bioscience – Healthcare, BronzeTargeting a $3 billion market, Nagi Bioscience a spinoff from the EPFL is developing an ethical and biologically-relevant screening machine that is based on the Organism-on-Chip Technology, which is the first of its kind, with the capability to perform 300,000 times faster than human researchers. The technology will facilitate fully automated in vitro handling, culture and analysis. The company has already partnered with renowned companies including Phillip Moris ad on more prizes. Spitch – Digital, Bronzethe Zurich based startup is developed an omnichannel communication platform for companies. It offers AI-powered bots which act help desk support to reduce waiting time and improve the customer experience. Thanks to the Speech Analytics and Spoken Language Technologies, the platform was the first to support Swiss German (Schwiizerdütsch) and other dialects. The SBB already tested the platform for its mobile application. (RAN)