Four startups announce senior leadership appointments

UniqFEED and Opterion have appointed new CEOs whose wealth of experience will be valuable in driving the growth of the two companies. Starmind and Mithras Technology also look forward to working with their newly appointed board members.

Effective April, Roger Hall will take over as CEO of UniqFEED, the Swiss virtual advertising provider. Hall is a leading management consultant with more than 20 years of experience in the media, technology, broadcasting, and sports sectors. Prior to his current role advising leading sports rights owners and major international leagues on virtual advertising, Roger was CEO of competing virtual advertising provider, Supponor. He has also held leadership roles at leading sports broadcast organizations beIN Sports, Setanta Sports UK and Setanta Sports International.

In his new role, he will assume overall responsibility for the execution of uniqFEED’s long- and short-term strategies, focusing on driving uniqFEED’s commercial objectives and further developing the AdApt product pipeline and expansion into target sports markets. Hall takes over from current CEO and Founder Lukas Gysin, who will remain with the company as a member of its Board of Directors, focusing on strategic opportunities and partnerships.

Opterion Health - CEO; Björn Englund
Opterion Health AG, a preclinical Swiss life science company, developing the first novel solution for peritoneal dialysis (PD) in the last two decades, announced Björn Englund's appointment as CEO. He will be succeeding Guido Grentzmann, the founder and CSO of Opterion, who will focus his activities on the scientific development of the company and the preparation of the start of Phase I.

Björn Englund started his professional career in 1991 as a sales representative at the Gambro Distributor in Saudi Arabia, gradually took over further responsibilities. In 1996 he became a Managing Director of Gambro Healthcare Sweden AB. He left Gambro in 2006 and moved to Euromedic, where he was Vice President of the Dialysis division until 2011. For the next six years, he was the President and CEO of DaVita EMEA, and in 2017 was promoted to COO of DaVita International. He left DaVita in 2018 and has since been an Industrial Advisor for EQT, Stockholm.

Starmind – Delegate of the Board
Starmind AG is one of Europe’s leading tech companies enabling people to build connections within large organisations based on what they know, regardless of hierarchies, geographies, cultures and languages. To capture growth in a fast-changing environment, Starmind will use its patented Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology to provide future-oriented solutions for organisations that seek to transform the way their employees exchange knowledge outside their direct team and beyond. This way of collaboration leads to a significant and measurable productivity increase while fostering an agile and inclusive culture.

Along with its new strategic direction, Starmind has appointed three new Executive board members. Effective 1 April, Andreas Meyer will take on the role of Delegate of the Board – in addition to his role of Chairman of the Board of Directors – to help further develop the market presence and business growth. Jetro Capiaghi will take on the role of Chief Financial Officer. Irfan Cütcu, appointed Chief Product Officer, will be responsible for scaling the product team and leading Starmind’s product portfolio.

Mithras Technology -BoD; Gregor Stücheli
Based in Chur, Mithras Technology is an Energy startup developing Thermoelectric Generators (TEGs) to harvest the human body heat and turn it into electricity. The generated heat can be used to power outdoor watches, GPS trackers, and positioning devices without consuming up the energy needed to power a home and its necessary appliances.

To support its next strategic goals, the company has appointed Gregor Stücheli as a member of its BoD. Gregor is an experienced and successful entrepreneur, owner and executive partner at Inventx AG, a leading IT-provider in Switzerland. Commenting on his role, Gregor said: “Human longevity is highly dependent on the measurement of body functions. Thanks to Mithras, we will be able to supply the needed wearables to measure these vital signs continuously and without any interruption, by using the energy provided by the body itself."