Four new CTI Startup Label companies

Internet, medtech, digital health: Batmaid, Guuru, 1fusion and Kapanu have been awarded with the CTI Startup Label.

A group of experts awards the CTI Startup label to companies which have successfully progressed through the CTI Coaching process. This week four new companies have received the label.  

Batmaid (Vanguard Internet SA): On-demand home cleaning platform
Batmaid offers a 2-in-1 cleaning service consisting of a selection of trusted professional home cleaners plus a trust service whereby the cleaners are legally declared and insured on behalf of the Batmaid customers. Cleaners are selected in a three-step process which includes tests of the high standard cleaning skills and execution quality of the applicants by the Batmaid Team. The startup retains only 3% of applicants. The Batmaid platform enables booking for just once or with a frequency. By default, the same preferred Batmaid will show up.  Batmaid is already active in German- and French-speaking parts of Switzerland as well as in Luxembourg.

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Guuru: Organising the collective skill set of customers

Guuru is revolutionizing Customer Service as it enables any company to turn its smartest customers into guurus and let them help other customers and prospects: a user accesses the cloud-based guuru service on the web-site of the company, posts a question and the proprietary algorithm connects the question instantly to the best available guuru. The two enter a chat dialogue at the end of which the guuru is compensated based on the user rating. With guuru, companies save up to 50% costs, provide a more authentic customer experience and get access to new customer insights through their guurus. Headquartered in Zürich, guuru has won Sky and other large companies in Switzerland as customers. The company plans to go international in 2018 to address the 300 billion Customer Service Market globally. 

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Kapanu: Augmented Reality for the Future of Dentistry

Kapanu is a spin-off of ETH Zurich and specializes in the development of innovative software for the dental industry. The team of Kapanu recently presented groundbreaking technology for the future of dentistry at the world's largest trade fair for the dental industry IDS 2017. Kapanu’s flagship project - the Kapanu Augmented Reality Engine – was demonstrated live to the public. A new, immersive experience was offered to the visitors with the Kapanu Mobile App.

The Kapanu Augmented Reality Engine links the real world with digital data in real time. The software enables the direct, virtual superimposition of dental designs with live imagery of patients during natural movements. This virtual mock-up enables patients to experience their new smile before deciding on a treatment. This simplifies the communication between dentist and patient and makes treatment planning even more efficient.

Kapanu is supported by Ivoclar Vivadent, one of the world’s leading dental companies, and experts from science and industry.

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1fusion: Fast and reliable failure detection for infusion pumps

Infusion pumps are used on a daily basis in hospitals all around the world. They are of great help to patients and hospital staff likewise. However, failures such as occlusions, kinked tubings, a detachment from the needle, cross flows from multiple infusions or others go undetected or are only detected very slowly.

1fusion develops a solution measuring the drug flow directly, so that errors can be quickly and reliably detected or even prevented before they occur. Patients are safer and hospital staff experiences less false alarms. The start-up has developed an integration that is for the first time both technologically and economically feasible.

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CTI Start-up
: Coaching for start-ups and young entrepreneurs
Highly qualified coaches with considerable professional experience give start-ups personalised coaching tailored to their businesses. The four-level programme lasts 8-26 months, depending on the initial situation and complexity of the tasks involved. After three coaching stages, the most promising start-ups receive the CTI Start-up label. This demonstrates that the company has a good basis on which to grow and survive. The CTI continues to support young businesses thereafter as required.