Four InnoBooster-startups to progress towards market entry


Agrosustain, Swiss Motion Tech, Synple Chem and FenX will be the first startups to benefit from the InnoBooster program to accelerate market entry. The program offers up to CHF 150,000 for a maximum of 1.5 years to support the goal.


Last year in September, the Gebert Rüf Foundation launched the InnoBooster program with the objective to of substantially accelerate market entry of deep tech spin-offs that are part of the Venture Kick program or have previously completed the program. The startups must also be affiliated with a Swiss university or research institution such as the ETH Domain, cantonal university or university of applied sciences.

Following a three-months selection process, the nomination committee has now selected the first cohort of deep tech startups that will benefit from the program. Up to CHF 150,000 for a maximum of 1.5 years will be granted to the nominees in support for the startup's market entry goals.

The first InnoBooster startups include:

Agrosustain – focusing in the agritech sector, AgroSustain is a spinoff from the University of Lausanne (UNIL). The startup is developing market effective organic treatments against broad ranges of plant fungal pathogens that have a substantial negative impact on food production worldwide. The startup’s flagship product is AgroShelf+, which has an antifungal effect on more than 1’600 species of agronomically important crops.

Swiss Motion Technologies – the Renens-based startup with affiliation to the HES-SO University of Applied Sciences and Arts Western Switzerland, aims to bring innovative 3D printing solutions (hardware and software) to facilitate the development of high quality tailored limb prosthetics at low cost. The aim is to bring amputees new experiences ensuring them comfort and reduced the pain.

Synple Chem – the ETH Zurich spinoff developed an automated synthesizer using revolutionary reagent capsules to make the synthesis of molecules faster and more efficient. The solution will significantly accelerate drug research in particular.

FenX – striving for a circularity, the ETH Zurich spinoff exploits mineral waste for the development of non-flammable insulation foam panels. Using advanced processing methods, such as 3D printing, the panels are processed to deliver porous foams with excellent thermal properties. The target market for the solution is the building industry including architects, real estate developers, and construction companies.

While the four selected startups move forward towards market entry, startups aspiring to benefit from the InnoBooster program may now submit their application for the next edition. Registration deadline closes on 1 May 2019. More about the program and how it will help the winners to progress to market entry in this video.(RAN)Picture L-R: Olga Dubey, CEO and Co-founder of AgroSustain; Kevin Mamalis, Co-founder, Swiss Motion Technology; Benedikt Wanner, CEO and co-founder at Synple Chem and Etienne Jeoffroy, Founder of Fenx.