Foundation for Promotion of the National Economy supports Pregnolia and Inositec

Pregnolia and Inositec have received a CHF 100’000 interest free loan from the Swiss Federal Foundation for Promotion of the National Economy through Scientific Research. These funds will aid them to further develop their technologies.

Twice a year, the Swiss Federal Foundation for Promotion of the National Economy through Scientific Research offers financial support to Swiss technology startups with market potential. It promotes technology and knowledge transfer from Swiss universities and their affiliated, related or jointly operated research facilities in the private sector. The main goal is to enable them secure the first round of financial support of early stage investors and support organizations.

This year the organization has offered an interest free loan of CHF 100’000 to each of the two startups, Pregnolia and Inositec.

Pregnolia AG, as a clinical stage medical device company, pregnolia focuses on the development and commercialization of a diagnostic device for preterm birth. Based in Zurich the startup has carried out biomechanical, engineering and clinical research efforts on the topic of cervical stiffness and its impact on preterm birth. Pregnolia's medical device is capable of early identification of women in risk delivering preterm with significantly higher sensitivity than any other method currently available.

Inositec’s core technology is a proprietary platform of small molecules derived from a naturally occurring molecule found in all animal cells and plants. Inositec, also based in Zurich, has engineered this molecule into derivatives with therapeutic potential in applications ranging from anti-infectives to cardiovascular disease. The lead indication is Clostridium difficile infection, a bacterial infection of the colon that is currently the most common healthcare-associated infectionin high-income countries.