Fotokite sets foot in the German market


Perspective Robotics, the provider of tethered situational awareness tools such as the Fotokite drone, has signed a strategic partnership with Germany based Brandschutztechnik Schlichtiger GmbH to enter Germany.



Based in Zurich, Perspective Robotics develops and commercialises actively tethered situational awareness tools for first responders to help them save lives and preserve property. Its flagship product is Fotokite, a tethered and autonomous.

The startup has signed a strategic partnership with Brandschutztechnik Schlichtiger GmbH to offer its customers enhanced situational awareness capabilities with the Fotokite Sigma, an autonomous aerial thermal and low-light camera system. The partnership between the two companies will be directed towards equipping German fire brigades with Fotokite technologies and additionally offering an in-house vehicle integration option for rooftop or tray-mount configurations.

Brandschutztechnik Schlichtiger with headquarters in Magdeburg, Germany, is a full-service provider in the field of fire protection, which includes organizational, structural, and technical fire protection as well as fire engineering. In addition to the delivery of fire fighting vehicles from their own production facilities or from the hands of their partners and suppliers, they also offer the necessary service such as training, maintenance or repairs for fire-fighting technology and fire fighting vehicles.

This strategic partnership will give German fire brigades access to mission-critical situational awareness at the push of a button. The rugged and easy-to-use Fotokite Sigma enables any fire department to gain elevated situational awareness, without the need to establish a timely and resource-heavy drone program. With an IP55 rating and autonomous flight stabilization, Fotokite Sigma can safely be deployed in any weather conditions and any region in Germany.

(Press release/RAN)
Picture: Fotokite