Fotokite receives Entrepreneurship and TechTransfer award in Edinburgh

The Zurich based startup Perspective Robotics was announced as the winner of the first prize of the Entrepreneurship and TechTransfer award during the European Robotics Forum. The startup was recognised for its innovative aerial robotics design.

With more than 800 people from robotics academia and industry, the European Robotics Forum showcased the impact of robotics research and put the spotlight on successful technology transfer between science and industry. With the framework of the event, startups had the opportunity to present their products to the audience in competition for the Entrepreneurship and TechTransfer award. Fotokite stood out to be the most innovative startup hence winning itself the first prize.

Fotokite is a tethered drone, designed to make aerial photography with a Go pro camera accessible for everyone. Similar to a kite, the drone is tethered and foldable making it easy for anyone to take photos from a bird’s-eye view. The company raised over 400K USD in crowdfunding in 2015 and have since started shipping their product.

“We make a new type of tethered drone which is 100% autonomous, flies for several hours, and can be used by broadcast journalists, or for inspection,” said Christopher McCall, CEO of Fotokite. “It’s incredible to win the Tech Transfer Award at ERF,” he concludes.

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