FLYERBEE achieves early milestones before its official launch

FLYERBEE, a software company building a SaaS platform for advertising networks, is celebrating the achievement of significant milestones before its official launch. The start-up recently closed its 2nd seed financing round, welcomed a board member, and already has signed clients.

Outdoor and indoor advertising (“Out-of-Home” or “OOH”) is a USD 42bn industry, but it lacks modern, scalable, cost-effective, end-to-end software for daily operations, planning, and managing ad campaign distribution. And to date, only digital campaigns have been able to measure engagement and success. As the digital evolution gains momentum in the Out-of-Home advertising landscape, small-format poster distribution companies need to automate and innovate to compete with the big players. Thanks to FLYERBEE’s platform, ad network owners now have the opportunity to better serve their customers, expand their reach, and enhance their products with new hybrid advertising methods.

FLYERBEE AG is a Zurich-based B2B software company offering a Software-as-a-Service platform that streamlines outdoor and indoor advertising business operations and measures ad campaign engagement. Founder and CEO, Agustin Musi explains, “We believe our customers are building the highest quality ad networks, but they must take a leap forwards in terms of tools, efficiency, scale, and targeting, while upholding their privacy-centric approach to personal data.”

FLYERBEE’s solutions both simplify and extend static poster products, while also make working with partners easier and more efficient. Hybrid advertising means that static ads can be coordinated with digital campaigns. Customers, advertisers, network owners, partners, and audiences all benefit. The platform will be officially launched this year at the beginning of March.

A smooth start for FLYERBEE
At the end of January, the FLYERBEE team announced the closing of their 2nd seed financing round from several business angels, customers, and management. Moreover, the team welcomed Hans-Peter Rohner, former Chairman & CEO of PubliGroupe, to their board of directors, and new customers are on a waiting list for onboarding to begin in March.